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MGB658 Scratch built


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Hi Folks,

Here is the new build!

This will be built alongside the Vosper as this is approaching the paint stage which I've got to admit is my least favourite task. Mainly because I'm C*** at it.

The build will be built on Christians latest hull a 'Fairmile D' @ 1/72 complete with spray rails and rubbing strake which he has kindly let me have the first one. http://www.mtbhulls.co.uk/home

This picture is the inspiration for the build, taken in Bastia, Corsica.

A 24228


A 24231


A 24232


The hull is a superb rendition of the Dog Boat hull requiring very little in the way of preperation, a few air bubbles and the odd blemish. Great job Christian. After washing, sanding with wet and dry, washing it was primed with Acrylic grey primer.


P1070442 (Copy)


P1070444 (Copy)


P1070445 (Copy)


P1070447 (Copy)


P1070449 (Copy)


P1070450 (Copy)



Thanks for looking in







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Cheers Guys

Al do pay attention

"This will be built alongside the Vosper as this is approaching the paint stage which I've got to admit is my least favourite task. Mainly because I'm C*** at it."

:winkgrin: . By building this side by side I hoping I wont be tempted to rush the finishing of the Vosper.


There is a large amount of info available

John Lamberts Plans http://www.feralchicken.co.uk/lambert-plans/

Allied Coastal Forces of WWII by John Lambert & Al Ross

The Fairmile D by John Lambert

Gunboat 658 by L.C. Reynolds. A personal account of his service on MGB658 from her build in Brixham in '43 through to the end of the war in the Med. He started as a midshipman and finished as commanding officer on the same boat. Great insight into life on these boats.

Mr Reynolds (RIP) has also published several other books

Dog Boats at War: Royal Navy MGBs and MTBs in Action, 1939-45

Mediterranean MTBs at War - Short MTB Flotilla Operations 1939-1945

Home Waters - MTBs and MGBs at War 1939-1945

To enable me to build this to a reasonable standard I will be using Coastal Craft Models excellent range of fittings, note they also do complete multi media kits.


Plus additional fittings from David J Parkins splendid range (includes lots for Flower class corvette)


The hull of course from http://www.mtbhulls.co.uk/home

In between all this there will be a fair bit of scratch building :banghead:

I also hope you lot are going to help . . . . . .

Cheers Kev

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Hi Folks,

Just a small update, work getting in the way of life 😉

Accommodation block drawn out on deck along with the watertight bulkheads.


P1070454 (Copy)

Its my intention to build the block over a coaming so that the block can be removed for ease of building. I guess I could of built the coaming on top of the deck but I wanted to have access below decks for reasons that may become apparent later.


P1070456 (Copy)


So with some trepidation I set to with a 'Dremel' type cutting wheel. . . . .

I need not have worried, lovely quality. I reckon the deck is around 1.5/ 2mm thick. Aft cleaned up Fwd as cut with disc.

P1070459 (Copy)



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Well life has been getting in the way of the real world :frantic:

I've finally got a day to myself and time to see if my cunning plan is going to work . . . . .

Opened up the two forward hatches. The one nearest the bow (pointy end) is the crew messroom, the second opens into a lobby connecting messroom, galley, skippers cabin etc..


P1070460 (Copy)


Thought process . . . boat alonside in the Med, nearly all the doors / hatches would be open. Soooo there had to be some interior detail . . .

Start of crew messroom. The plan above shows the area to the right of the lighter.


P1070462 (Copy)


Keep in mind that it has to be wiggled through the engineroom space


P1070478 (Copy)

Hence corners have to be cut off

Its in :thumbsup:

The drawing on the right side shows the side elevation of the area in question.

P1070465 (Copy)


P1070473 (Copy)


P1070469 (Copy)


and yes it does come out.

All I've got to do now is detail it, all thats present at the moment are the bottom bunks :banghead:

Thanks for stopping by


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Small update to keep you interested :winkgrin:

I've been detailing the crew messroom with tables and benches plus mattresses. The ford door is to the washroom, the aft watertight door leads to the rest of the accommodation.


P1070480 (Copy)



P1070481 (Copy)



P1070482 (Copy)


P1070484 (Copy)


The side shelves either side clip on so that they can be fixed when the bulk is inserted into the hull

Thanks for looking in


PS The messroom has been shortened and the height reduced to allow the module to slip through the aperture, neither of which will show through the hatch. K

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Going to be epic, love the dog boats. Looked the up armoured business in their day. Good luck sir.

One Small thing, god I sound such a pedantic devil. "Mess Room" sorry it is "Mess Deck" Washroom is the "Heads and Bathrooms" and Galley Room is the "Galley Flat"

Chuck former resident of the Marines Barracks on various DLG's and LPD's

Avast me hearties some filthy bilge rat has scuppered me wet!

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Managed to find the time to add a bit more to the messdeck ( :winkgrin: )

Electric heaters added for crew comfort and the provision of storage behind the seat backs/ mattresses.


P1070487 (Copy)


Addition of table and benches plus my interpretation of a pipe cot. There should of course be supports (wire/rope ?) to the deckhead from the outer edge.


P1070488 (Copy)


P1070489 (Copy)


P1070490 (Copy)


All this is only visible through ahole 10mm square in the deck :banghead:

Thanks for looking in


PS Noticed the aft corner of the cot had come adrift, now repaired

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