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Paveway II and Paveway III Laser Guided Bombs 1:32

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Paveway II and Paveway III Laser Guided Bombs
1:32 CMK


The Guided Bomb Unit-12 (GBU-12) utilizes a Mk82 500-pound general purpose warhead. The operator illuminates a target with a laser designator and then the weapon guides to a spot of laser energy reflected from the target. The GBU-12 is a member of the Paveway II series of laser guided bombs (LGBs). These weapons are hybrids. At the core of each is a bomb: a 500-pound Mk 82 for the GBU-12. A laser guidance kit is integrated with each bomb to add the requisite degree of precision. The kit consists of a computer control group at the front end of the weapon and an airfoil group at the back. When a target is illuminated by a laser - either airborne or ground-based - the guidance fins (canards) react to signals from the control group and steer the weapon to the target. Wings on the airfoil group add the lift and aerodynamic stability necessary for in-flight manoeuvring.

The pack contains two well detailed and moulded resin bomb units, with the rear fins folded for carriage. There are separate forward fins and guidance heads which characteristically droop when on the ground and un-powered. A decal sheet is provided containing a full set of stencilling for both bombs and a sheet of pre painted photo etched remove before flight flags complete with attachment wire and rings. To only awkward part of the assembly would appear to be the removal of the moulding plug at the base of each bomb where care will need to be taken not to damage the rear fins. The seeker heads are also a bit awkward in that the cut line of the moulding block is indistinct, fortunately the paint guide should aid where the cut is to be made. The forward fins are much easier to remove and fit though. The painting guide shows the colours required for the bombs in service with different air arms, that of the US Navy, US Air Force and Luftwaffe.




The Guided Bomb Unit-24 (GBU-24) Low Level Laser Guided Bomb [LLLGB] consists of either a 2,000-pound MK-84 general purpose or BLU-109 penetrator bomb modified with a Paveway III low-level laser-guided bomb kit to add the proportional guidance in place of the bang-bang type used in the Paveway II. The LLLGB was developed in response to Sophisticated enemy air defences, poor visibility, and to counter limitations in low ceilings. The weapon is designed for low altitude delivery and with a capability for improved standoff ranges to reduce exposure. The GBU-24 LLLGB/Paveway III has low-level, standoff capability of more than 10 nautical miles. Performance envelopes for all modes of delivery are improved because the larger wings of the GBU-24 increases manoeuvrability. Paveway III also has increased seeker sensitivity and a larger field of regard.

This bomb is not nearly as delivery parameter sensitive as is the Paveway II LGB, nor is it affected by early laser designation. After a proper low altitude delivery, the LLLGB will maintain level flight while looking for reflected laser energy. If it does not detect reflected laser energy, it will maintain level flight to continue beyond the designated target, overflying friendly positions, to impact long, rather than short of the target.

In 1996 the Navy conducted tests of the F-14A Tomcat with the GBU-24B/B Hard Target Penetrator Laser-Guided Bomb at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., as part of an air-to-ground development program to support clearance for use of the weapon in the fleet by F-14 Tomcats.

As with the Paveway II pack this set contains two bombs although these are appreciably larger, naturally as the core is that of a 2000lb bomb. Each weapon is made up of the body, separate tail unit which doesnt look as awkward to remove the moulding block as it is attached to the forward edge rather than the rear so the guidance fins are unaffected, the forward fins, which will need some careful removal from their moulding blocks and clear resin seeker heads. Once again the detail is really well done although I imagine the bomb lugs will need to be removed if fitting to an aircraft pylon. The included decal sheet includes all the stencils required depending on which service they are in use with and the colour painting guide shows which go where as well the correct colours for use with the US Navy, US Air Force and RAF. TO finish them off the set also has a sheet of pre-painted photo etched remove before flight tags.




Both of these sets of bombs are really well designed and will provide quite a visual impact to any model they are fitted to. Alternatively they can be used as part of a diorama on a trolley or bomb sled that are available from other manufacturers. There are also quite a few 1:32 aircraft that they can be used with so Id imagine that youd need more than just one set. Very highly recommended.

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These look nice. Just a quick aside on the Paveway III - the review says that there are guides for painting them as RAF weapons. The RAF Paveway IIIs aren't the same as the GBU-24. The back end of the airfoil group at the rear of the weapon is different to what is depicted here.

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