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Soviet rocket plane fighter Bi-1 1/48 Mikro mir


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Here's the real thing at Monino - the colours are a bit suspect !!


To my eyes more than just color scheme on this aircraft is a matter of suspicion. This seems to be just a mock-up, not the real thing.

The tell-tale elements are the canvas covering (look at the nose or tailskid, where it is prominent) instead of wood, as well as oversimplified landing gear and canopy.

There are many more full-scale mock-ups at Monino, e.g. Su-2 (of which no original machine survived) and their "Mig-3" (which resembles a Mig fighter at best)



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The BI-1 (capital B, capital I - not Bi-1) at Monino is a metal replica - the original was all-wooden.

I agree that the exhibits at Monino are not always originals - some of them are reproductions using some original parts, but sometimes totally scratch-built.

And they aren't reknowned for historical accuracy - in all my many visits I have seen some of the exhibits being re-painted in totally fictional colour schemes.

The prototype T10M/Su-35 is a case in point - it originally had a unique splinter camo scheme in six shades of grey, it is now repainted in 'standard' Flanker colours.

But at least they are being painted to protect them from the elements - and they have a volunterr workforce to take some care of them at last!


PS - Aleksandr, there is no Su-2 at Monino (at least I have never seen it) - there is one at Park Pobed - again a poor replica......


I believe there is another one in the grounds of the Sukhoi OKB near Khodynka - I'm not sure if that is original or not.

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As long as the 'fake' exhibits are labeled as being 'representative' of the real-deal, then that is fine. A full size mock-up has more impact than a miniature, or worse - nothing! Perhaps, someday, there will be true-to-original replicas of a standard like the GeeBee R1 in San Diego's aviation museum which was built as exactly like the original aircraft as possible:

GeeBee Walkaround at HRSM

Regards, Robert

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