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USS Enterprise "Star Trek Into Darkness"

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USS Enterprise "Star Trek Into Darkness"

1:500 Revell


As a Star Trek Fan I think I am right in saying that in recent years the franchise as suffered a little bit. JJ Adams came in like a breath of fresh air to update things with the 2009 Star Trek, and this has now been followed up with Star Trek Into Darkness.

Without wanting to give to much away the crew of the Enterprise must return home following an act of terrorism within its own ranks which destroys much of Starfleet leaving Earth in crisis. With a personal score to settle Capt James T Kirk will lead his crew on a mission to capture the one-man weapon of mass destruction responsible.

The Kit
With this kit of the latest film USS Enterprise Revell continue their tie in with the film & TV series, which seems to have generated them a lot of kit sales over the years. The scale on this kit is listed as 1:500 which seems to be big enough, the saucer section has a diameter of 280mm. The kit arrives in white plastic as two halves of the saucer, an additional six sprues of plastic; with two clear sprues (the large engine domes had broken off in our review sample, but with no bad effects).



Construction starts with the bridge area. Two separate construction steps make up the bridge with a combination of clear and normal plastic. A further construction is the area on the lower saucer section directly below the bridge. The steps are well defined on the instructions. Once complete the bridge section can be added to the upper saucer section. A selection of clear parts are then added into the rim of the lower section, along with the section previously made.


Once the parts have been added to both sections they can be joined together. I would advise caution if test fitting the sections before hand. The fit extremely well and I had difficulty getting them apart! Once these have been joined there are a few additional parts to fit to finish off the saucer.


The next step is to move onto the main body of the Enterprise. Various clear parts must be added into both halves to start. Two internal bulkheads are added along with the hanger doors for the shuttle bay. If using the supplied stand then holes must also be added at this stage. The two halves can then be joined. A bottom insert is added, then a large U shaped insert, which completes the supports for the engine pods.


The next is to complete the collector assembly for the front of the Enterprise. This is then attached (although you could do this later) .The main body can then be attached to the saucer. Following this its onto the engine nacelles.


The fronts of the engines are complete using a white plastic bulkhead with an attached decal, and a large clear dome over the top. More clear inserts must be added to each engine pod half before they are joined together. Due to the shapes of these they are actually quite a few parts, which go onto & into the halves to complete the engine nacelles. Construction steps are the same but handed for both sides. A little time and care will be needed to ensure the correct parts are selected.



Once the nacelles are completed they can be attached to the main body. The model is basically then finished. If you wish to use the supplied stand in the shape of the Starfleet badge then this will need to be assembled and attached to the model.


Clear Parts
As mentioned in the review the clear parts for this kit are extensive. Apart from the small issue of the larger parts coming adrift in the bag the parts are well moulded with no flaws, and are clear.


A large decal sheet is supplied with the kit which is up to Revells usually excellent standards, There are quite few large thin stripes which need to be applied around the saucer section and this might be better done when it is complete, but before it is attached to the main body. Overall the colour scheme of the kit is in blocks much akin to todays digital camo and I would imagine each part is best painted on its own before brining them all together.


Overall this looks to be an excellent kit from Revell to tie in with the latest Star Trek film. The kit features extensive clear areas and would benefit from the addition of a lighting kit (which I am told is being produced by Beacon Models). The kit should build up to make an impressive looking USS Enterprise. Highly recommended.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers.

For further information visit logo-revell-2009.gif

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Great review, got one in the stash. Orbital Drydock do a painting mask for the Aztec painting scheme, which I managed to pick. Have seen some great lit versions, also paragrafix do a photo etch set for this enterprise.

All the best Chris

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