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Outlaw Skeleton


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Thanks a lot guys! This character sure wouldn't mind being seen at a Slayer gig. Baron Samedi is also a very good suggestion, they share some darkness for sure. When I looked at the hat again today I was more pleased then yesterday, that's usually a good thing.

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There is certainly a good portion of Slash too in this fellow, good call.

I have an idea for the left hand, but I will have to wait for some detail to arrive before I can proceed as I decided not to scratch it. I need to sort out the pinning to the base next.

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There's not much contact surface to use for pinning him to the base. I decided to start to drill into the heel bones and see how good that becomes.


It ended up like this. The fit is quite good.


He actually stands pretty secure with this. Perhaps it will be enough if completed with some tiny glue drops under a few toes.


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This little friend arrived from the printer the other day. And as usual it will require a good deal of work as easily accessible 3D printing still has a long way to go. It's printed in a material we have done quite good clear rear lights for cars with before, but I'm not sure it will work here.


Another problem is that although making a bottle hollow is a pretty good idea in 1/1 scale, some would actually say it's an essential idea, I'm not so sure it's great in 1/6 scale. There's lot of soft sticky goop in it that's left from the printing process and it's impossible to clean out.

I decided to cut off the bottom where I can make a near invisible joint to have access to the inside. It's full of crap.


Now it was easy to clean it all out and I sanded the inside as smooth as reasonably possible. I think that I will probably have to go the long way and make a mould of this and cast it in massive clear resin to get a good result, but I decided to give it try first. I have now coated the inside with the first of a couple layers of clear decal film. Then I will rejoin the bottom and repeat the process on the outside.


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Rebuilding the left hand to grip the bottle isn't something I have looked forward to. It wasn't too bad though, and after cutting every joint apart and 15 small pieces of copper wire later it looked quite OK. The bottle itself is another matter though. It's not clearing up well and the limitation of the material is showing itself, I don't think even 1/6 Jack Daniel's would clear it up. I will have to give this a good thought. Not sure how to paint something to look transparent, as the bottle wasn't meant to be full, and making a mould to cast in clear resin is really more trouble than I had in mind for this.


Well, here's where we are now.


I kind of like his attitude. :coolio:


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I agree with Bentwaters on the bottle. It sort of looks like it could have been pulled from a dusty wine cellar. Maybe you could get away with just polishing the neck like it had been wiped to drink from? With the label on and weathered, it would look the part.

Pose of the skeleton is superb.


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Hi Jörgen, as someone who works in architectural salvage, that's pretty much what old bottles look like after countless years buried away

in cubby holes or cupboards, A dusty and faded label is all you really need,


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Thanks guys, these are interesting thoughts you're coming up with; old dusty bottle, spider webs... Then I can perhaps title the build as I have actually had in mind for a while; When I Get Old - inspired by a fantastic painting with the same title by one of my all time favourite artists.

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So, 4,5 years he's been standing there in the WIP-cabinet, just as in the last post above, waiting for some attention, that hasn't happened. Not that it's that much time for a guy in his state perhaps... I think I got bored on that bottle, I'm not sure. I've seen him waiting there more or less every day since then, but for some reason I don't know, when I saw him a few days ago, I just pulled him out and started to prepare some paint. So, as if nothing happened in the meantime I continue the work.


I mixed up some beige-yellow colour that looked ok and gave him a good coat all over. Then I added some more white to the mix and sprayed him again but only from top angles to add a bit of highlighting.




A bit brighter drybrushing on the tooth rows.




The top hat, eye balls and the fag was quickly painted as well. The hat will receive some varnish with different shine later.




After a thin coat of gloss clear sprayed all over I added some darker washing and then drybrushed brighter highlights.




This was followed by a coat of flat varnish all over. This finish will do for me.




Next will be the eyes and the bottle. Time to wrap this one up after all this time.

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Eye balls glued in place and finished off with decals from the Zotz sheets I bought some years ago. He just looked almost too crazy when I had to stare him in the eyes to line them up. Oh well, I guess I got what I asked for...




"Hey, so where's my hat then? I'm waiting!"




OK, here it comes. I tried a slightly different mix of varnish on the band to make it stand out just slightly. It doesn't look much on the photo, but the difference is there.




The bottle was problem. It didn't come out as transparent from the 3D-printer as I hoped, which we could see earlier, and it didn't get better over the years, rather more the opposite, it was even more milkish white now. There is a better transparent print technique available nowadays, so I might try that, but for now I want to get this to the display cabinet for the time being.


I just mixed up some orange-brownish clear paint and gave it a few coats. Then I printed the label on white decal film and applied. Of course this has given me a full bottle that I really didn't want, but the half full project will be for the new print.




It's only glued very lightly at this point to enable it to be changed later on.




So now he finally stands tall and proud on the display base, and the RFI-section will be next. At last.


"So what took you so long?"

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