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World has gone mad, sexism in space?

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They did try it on with computer gamers as well, because 'they' thought they were just white, male dweebs with no friends, and are apparently according to them, all misogynists. But if you're up on #Gamergate you'll know that they bit off more than they could chew with that one because the gamers fought back... All the girls and boys, men and women, of all colours, creeds and orientation who like games did not lie down. :evil_laugh:

Yes, with rape and death threats and the publication of their home addresses. Not a banner I'd care to march under, myself.

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Yes. I would read up on "Gamergate" before claiming it as a good thing. It's basically angry men on the internet using some false accusations against a woman developer as a springboard to treat any women involved with the games industry in an appallingly vile manner. Rape threats, death threats, threats to family, doxxing.

And when challenged they say it's all about ethics. Ha!

I've worked in the games industry for many years. It has historically been a pretty male-dominated environment and that is changing slowly but surely. Gamergate is a massive step backwards at a time when it seemed like we were finally making progress. All my industry friends and colleagues are gutted that the one time we get some high profile press that isn't about violence in games, it's about a subset of game players being entitled psychopathic mysogynists instead.

I'm not trying to get the last word in, but I think this thread should maybe be closed before it gets out of hand. I hate the inevitable backlash that surrounds any accusation of sexism, it makes me very miserable. It seemed like things were looking up in the '80s and '90s, and now we're sliding downhill again.

[edit:] Expanding on the original topic, and to make my position clear:

I *hate* the trend of twitter-driven victimisation of anyone, be it Matt Taylor or the various games people who were attacked via by Gamergate.

It's a lynch mob mentality protected by distance and pseudo-anonymity and it stops people from behaving like people. From what I can see the attacks on women by men during gamergate were much worse (those rape, death, etc. threats again) than the attacks on Matt Taylor during shirtgate, but the phenomenon is pretty much the same.

I think Matt Taylor's shirt was inappropriate attire for the workplace, as did many other people. He was called out on this and apologised, so case closed. I think the Verge (who published an article with an inflammatory title which probably started or fuelled the storm) should apologise in turn for their attitude to the achievements of the mission and his part in them, and their part in stirring up a mob.

Hope that makes sense?


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I'm calling time on this, because it's just going to go downhill, and if I'm honest, I've got better things to do than plough through pages on this sad storm in a teacup. :shrug:

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