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Bring it on...... ORION. seems old is better?

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hi, i cannot wait, its like chrimbo coming early.........yeah


bring it on, wish i was ten, might appreciate it more...lol

don only two score and ten and a bit...

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You had me going there. I thought you meant Freeman Dyson's nuclear-powered project.

hi, orion good enough at the moment,just get something big enough to matter back flying?imho

but saw this


might be of intrest.



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I'd hate to think what damage one of those things would have done if they did an "Antares".

hi eric,

what would it matter to the us spaceagency, these are the guys that exploded 260 odd nuclear bombs in the atmosphere,just for fun sorry science but thats a different story,lol



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Normally, when exploding an atom bomb, the test people know where and when the bomb is going to go off. Seeing what has happened fairly recently with some wayward rockets, a nuclear powered device with a mind of its own would be quite interesting.

If nuke went off or crashed and contaminated Wallops Island or Cape Canaveral - that would both those facilities lost for generations. So I reckon they would care a bit.

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