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1/48 scale RAF regiment figures


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Good day to you all. I must be honest and say I am a "dyed in the wool" aviation modeller just returning to modelling after many years so this may be a fleeting visit to this section. However, looking at various aviation builds I wandered into the armour section and liked the look of the models on display. So I thought I would like to give one a go, if for no other reason than a change is as good as a rest. I had a look at the " last chance to buy" models from Airfix and quite liked the 1/48 Supercat Jackal. priced at £16.... then I noticed they had Operation Herrick, Forward Assault Group which included the Jackal and eight RAF Regiment Gunners for £8.... bit of a bargain. Having looked at the kit I was surprised that Airfix had come such a long way with their tooling, it looks a really nice project. BUT no way will these old eyes stand a chance in dealing with painting the soldiers, not that I would want to include them in the model, just not my thing So, if they would be any use to anyone, they are yours free gratis.Just send me a message, first come first served. :)

IF, and its a big if, I don't make a complete dogs dinner out of the model, I may post some photos


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