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Eastern Express Shorts SH-330 1/144th scale

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Recently read in SAM that EE were producing a kit of this aircraft

I've mixed emotions tried building their 757-200 :banghead: yuck but am really tempted by the idea of a Shorts in Shamrock colours :thumbsup2:

What does everyone else think????


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I'm looking forward to it for my Piedmont fleet. I'm hoping it will be a little less work than cleaning up the vac parts on the Welsh kit. It would be great if they followed it up with a 360.


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Thanks PIN. I'm no fan of EE but that doesn't look too bad.

My interest will depend on aftermarket decals - Loganair is top of my wish list followed by Manx and Gill Airways

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I see that they are also doing a TriStar 500 in Pan Am markings as well as RAF variants.

Not yet - it was announced but not released

That doesn't look too bad. Any word on the price?

Short 330 is not released either.

With Russian Ruble falling down the cliff I expect a bargain

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