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We Wuz Robbed! (sort of)


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I've just been informed that the new Academy 1/72 B-29 release contains a decal sheet with ALL the schemes from out 1/72 "Camouflaged B-29s" sheet! Now I can understand the duplication of one and maybe two schemes, but the whole sheet!? Come on, Academy... put a little of your own effort into research. If you had asked, I might have even given you the artwork, as our sheet was out of print. But now you've ticked me off! I was considering doing a reprint, but I guess there's no point now. Take a look... the Academy decal schemes vs. ours.



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Albeit with a different manufacturer but I have had a similar experience.

I know that there are limited schemes to replicate but when the rare Spitfire livery is then produced in kit form with a title that is near word for word as my own sheet it kind of leaves somewhat of a sour taste.


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