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Martin B-57 Ejection Seats - 1/72 Pavla

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B-57 Seats.

1:72 Pavla

Pavla have brought us two sets of seats for the B-57 in 1:72 scale.

The first is the Mechanics Inc Seat. The second is the ESCAPAC seat. The "production" B.57G had the ESCAPAC rocket seat, as did the RB/WB.57F in both cases though the prototype aircraft had the Mechanics Inc. seats, as did the B.57A, RB.57A, EB.57A. B/RB.57B, B/RB.57C RB/EB.57D B/RB/EB.57E. Around 1972(ish) the USAF introduced a Mod for all B.57's to get the new rocket seat. But in effect this only applied to the EB.57E's (Thanks to John from the Canberra SIG for this info)

Mechanics Inc Seat







Kit seats in 1.72 will never match resin seats for detail. These seats from Pavla will enhance your kit. Highly recommended.

Review samples courtesy of logo.gif

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They do look very good Julien, especially the Mechanics Inc seats which are quite a complex seat and as you rightly say it would be very difficult or imposable to match in a kit seat. I've had a look and the Seat mod was introduced in 1971 so in theory any B.57 post 1971 should have had the ESCAPAC seat, but as so often happens this does not apply. Only a very small number of A model Canberra's got the new seat, shortly after the aircraft were withdrawn from service! In effect post 1971 only the EB.57B, B.57C, B/EB57E, RB/WB.57F, and B.57G received the rocket seat, All other versions in the inventory retained the ballistic seat.


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