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Mirage 2000C Cockpit Set / Intake Set / Control Surfaces Set - 1:72 Heller

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Mirage 2000C Cockpit, Intakes & Control Surfaces sets for Heller Kit

1:72 Pavla

Hellers Mirage 2000C Kit has been around for a while now, as with other kits the cockpit and seats are limited by injection moulding in this scale.


This resin cockpit is designed to replace the original kit item in its entirety. Due to the front wheel bay being on the bottom of the cockpit Pavla have moulded this from the with minimal clan up required. The set is comprised of a cockpit tub, complete with sidewalls and consoles, a replacement ejection seat, instrument panel, and control levers.

All of the resin parts are nicely cast and crisply detailed, and there are no bubbles or casting flaws in evidence. The control and instrument details are nicely rendered, and the straps on the ejection seats are very realistically done. A Vac form canopy is provided; which is available as a part in its own right.

Cockpit Setbin.jpg


Also offered by Pavla for the kit are a set of intakes which include FOD guards. These are well moulded and come with the separate fence which is attached to the side of the intake.



Another item for the Mirage 2000C is a set of control surfaces. Flaps and flap actuators are provided here.


Control Surfacesbin.jpg


The Heller kit is a great kit, however it will benefit from these sets. Whether you just want a nice cockpit, covered intakes; or different control surfaces. You could go the whole hog with all of them! Either way these details from Pavla will enhance your kit. Highly recommended.

Review samples courtesy of logo.gif

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