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Humbrol Enamel vs. Acrylic Spray Varnishes?

Rabbit Leader

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I've just completed an online purchase of a can of Humbrol Satin Spray and have just realised that I've ordered the Enamel version rather than the Acrylic version!! (only enamel version offered and I had no idea that it came in two formulas!!).

Does anyone know if I can spray the Enamel spray over Acrylic based Klear?

I will obviously try this on a test piece first before I attack the model, however I just wanted to ask to see what others know or have tried.

Cheers and looking forward to hopefully a positive responce.. Dave.

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If this helps..... I have mixed all types of paint in my builds over/under klear (both new and old formula) and have never had any problems. I only thin enamels with white spirit. Although if you are spraying direct from a can my last point is not applicable.

I have even sprayed Alclad over Klear with no problems.

I imagine there may be plenty of informed opinion on the above but this is my personal experience, I hope it helps.

Cheers Piggy

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