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SAAF 1/48 B34 Ventura.

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Here is my Revell Ventura representing 6487 (V I P flight) from 28 Sqn. based at Waterkloof,Pretoria in 1958.

The upper turret and two nose windows were closed up, additional side windows added and the entrance door opened.

Three different makes of kitchen foil were used (bright side) and finally toned down with Model Master Metalcote sealer.

For the rest it was a straightforward and enjoyable build........oh yes, and a floor and some seats were also added.

Lastly I also include a shot of my ‘assistant ‘ Whiskers keeping a close eye on the photo shoot as she did during the building process.









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Oh WOW!!,........I love it,........very,...very,......very nice indeed! Superb modelling and a great SAAF subject!

I`ve recently done a wartime SAAF Ventura myself, but nothing as good as yours!

I have a query about another of your models if you don`t mind,........do you have a serial number for your excellent SAAF Marauder model as I`d love to model that same scheme myself? Also,....was it based on a photo too?

Excellent modelling again Etienne, thanks for sharing it with us,


Tony l

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Etienne, thats seriously top! I must admit, Ive been looked at your photostream stuff of SA, and have forwarded a few pics of CT to a friend of mine from SA, and she really liked the trip down memory lane.

But I digress - that is such a lovely model, just plain DDG.

Jonners, frankly very very impressed

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Just fantastic Etienne - 'n Fantasiese vliegtuig.

I have this fantasy of building a history of the SAAF, but I see I could not do it justice. One of the nicest builds seen here of late.

Groete van Kalifornie,


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Hi Etienne:

Congratulations for this Wonderful model and pics, a real and interesting model to be replicated in 1/72, and cheers to your assistant, he really looks very smart and modeling hearted and minded like mine: A cocker Spaniel!!!

Thank you very much for sharing!!


Luis Alfonso

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That's a fine model. If the photo was more clear you could not tell them apart.Your work with foil is exellent, cheers Lindan.

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Thanks chaps / Dankie manne ,your comments are much appreciated.

Regarding the Metal foil; There are a lot of 'how to's' floating around on Google.

All I can add is make doubly sure that your work area is CLEAN an free of floating dust.

............and be PATIENT.



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Ausgezeichnet. A very eye-catching scheme for the beast!

My cats are very interested in my modelling too, and aside from a dangerous fascination with a 1/48 Bearcat (Taiga tried to steal the R-2800, more than once) they haven't caused any trouble, other than a surplus of hair floating about.


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