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The Huff in 1/32 (F-86F)

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hello everyone, this will be my second 1/32 planes to be build so far, in the market there are only 2 sabres in 1/32 scale, one by Hasegawa and the other by Italeri, between the two Italeri is the best so far in detail, but it have lots of problems with the molded pieces and some fitting issues, will see how it turns out.

For this one i will use some AM stuff, all resin pieces, the cockpit, wheel wells,airbrakes, and metal pitot tube.

I have found some injection problems in some of the big pieces, for example in the aft part of the fuselage some panel lines and rivets are almost invisible due to poor injection pressure into the mold, it will be shown in pictures later one, and some distortion on the wing upper surface due to the same problem before.

So far i just did some cockpit work, the sabre cockpit is really plain in details, not much knobs on the side panel, and the panels and knobs are all in black color, so i used my imagination and to give some contrast and life to the side panels i used some data decals around some knobs so it wont look plain and toyish in apperance



about the instrument panel, it is the old fashion way, a front pohotoetch cover (to flat in detail) and an acetate face in the back for instrument dials (at least this will give the look of glass cover in the instruments, not the best panel ever made but in the model it look quite in scale and real


and here you can see the shine on the instruments looking like real glass


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not much for an update, time during the day is really short, been mothersitting my mom in the clinic for the last week, but everything looks like she is getting well, about this kit, even that is better than the hasegawa sabre is not the best kit in the block, after building few kits from tamiya, other the fitting and details really sucks in any other kit brand, but this will be a real challenge and even more if the finish will be with alclad paint.

on the fuselage some rivet lines fade because the injection process lacks from pressure in the plastic injection, here is a sample


the worst part is on the wings, a lot of irregularities on the surface


Ok , leaving behind the problen on the kit, the cockpit is atrting to look like a cockpit, bot resin side panels in place and the photoetch panel also in place



also the front resin gear well is in place


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Thats OK. Its skin rippling! Due to stresses and strains of much flying, dogfighting with MIGs and aeros! :winkgrin:

But I think thats what happens when too many recessed surface details are included in large scale kits maybe. :shrug:

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The irregularities look brilliant ! Just like the real thing I'd leave them they will make your model look like it's made from stressed skin.

I wish more models had this over panelines they would look real then. That slight wave I love to see

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I will agree about the stressed skin if it was somewhere else but in the skin over the fuel Tanks?.. I dont think so, i will try to find a kinetic model to see ir the wings aré ok and replace them

Biggles87 if yours is less stressed than mine then yours is OK

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ok so going back to the model, i removed the gun panel from the nose, the one on the model really sucks so i cut it out and i am waiting for a resin replacement


about the wing, the real stuff dont have those deep sinks on the center panel, so i pulled out the credit card and bought one from Kinetic, hopping that the new one will be better, at least a will use the aft fuselage to replace the original one.

to try to fix the sinks in the wing i used Tamiya putty dissolved with some thinner, and covered one of the panels, i dont mind loosing the rivets details on the center wing panels, in the real one you dont see any rivets on the center fuel panels


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