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Hi here comes my first article, here on Britmodeller.The chosen subject is my Hasegawa P-40E.It is one of my favorite aircraft and like so much other WW II fighter types a must.The Hasegawa P-40 don t fall together, if you follow the instructions you run into very serious fit problems at the rear fuselage and aft of the canopy.I created completed fuselage halfs and close after this the fuselage, the gaps on the spine are better and easier to fill. There are also fit problems with the wing guns. After this it is a trouble free build and the completed kit look razor sharp like the real thing.
For the markings i choose the plane from Robert L. Scott, commander of the 23rd FG in China. I found some interersting pictures on the net and the plane looks relative well maintained, for a combat aircraft.
My preshading works only on the underside and i made a black wash only on the access panels. If you look at an aircraft in a “1/48 distance” you won t see much of the panel lines, so i left them untouched.
The gun sight came from a PE sheet from Extra – Tech ( german gunsights !! )
The antennas are stretched sprues. The kit was done around spring 2014 and it is still my newest 1/48 plane.
The decals came from a Sky Models sheet, printed by Cartograph. They worked very well, beside a fitting problem with the sharkmouth.There is also a picture with an earlier build Hasegawa P-40N, you can t have too much P-40s

I hope the sizes of the pictures are o.K, hope you like it :bye:



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