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That looks cracking Rob, I can't believe you have got it done in time. I can't wait to see it.

Cheers mate, I had a problem with my flooring, I forgot to seal it with PVA firs and it wrinkled up on me. Apart from that, Its ok seeing as its rushed, I think I made it too big for the time scale. Oh well. Another last minute madness modelling thing for me. I think I want to get out of that and do more leisurely builds. It gets stressful. But fun all the same,

I used the new Krycell Extra on this one again and I really like the way it glints more prominently,

Cheers and see you tommoro, Cheers Rob :)

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All-seeing eye is excellent, and the snow looks good too.


Cheers I was really happy with how it come out as I don't paint this way normally but was adopting a more artsy approach painting over the other shades whilst still wet to get a blended look. Those new paints are a wonderful addition to my tools. Highly recommended. :)

Love the snow.

Very atmospheric.


Its fun stuff to use thats for sure, Its best if you do it outside though as it can get messy on bigger things like this, Cheers :)

Looked great 'in the flesh' Rob :)


Thanks Cliff and it was Great to see you again, Thanks so much for the Little SE5a its peach of a kit by the looks of it. I am really looking forward to that.

Cheers Rob :)

I agree with Cliff. Definitely looked fab in the flesh and thanks for taking the time to chat to me today. Now, time to finish the outstanding stuff and get another Vulcan under way :banghead:

Was great to meet you to mate, I now know the face to the Lemur sat down funny, Always loved your avatar its pretty funny, I absolutely agree I have plenty of Vulcan projects in various stages of completion and ones on the hit list to do,

Sorry I kept missing you but it was great to see the model. It looked well finished to me and certainly achieved the right atmospheric effect.

Its kinda funny how this happens at these shows, Its the same when me and the mrs go shopping and your both walking around the isles looking for each other and can't find each other , We spent 45 mins doing that once....

I will see you at another show I am sure, I will hopefully go to Huddersfield, Cosford, Milton Keynes, Sutton Coldfield and Telford, Also if there are any others worth going to that I can get to I will.


Looked very good in the flesh, well done Rob. I did look out for you (that is you in your avatar?) but couldnt see you.


Cheers Nick, I must have been hiding haha, Yep thats my ugly mug in the avatar, with the 80s hair. (For as long as nature will let it be)

Probably see you at another show if your going to any. Cheers Rob :)

Saw this in the flesh over the weekend and was able to chat to Rob, very pleased to see it completed, well and and it looked fantastic!

It was great talking to you Kallisti and putting a face to your avatar, Your Lancaster project sounds really interesting and I look forward to seeing it.

Glad you liked the snow thing, I am wondering what else I could do with it. One Idea I have is for a Victorian shopping street at christmas with shops illuminated with full interiors and the light shining out into the the street, With people, Horse and carts , with foot prints, tracks, and slushy streets, Christmas decorations etc.

Might be a bit of a challenge to make, But it could be interesting to look at.

The weirdest thing about this snow stuff I find Is the closer you get to it with the camera the more real it looks, Normally on a model its the other way around but not with this stuff, Its an amazing powder to use.

Another I think might be interesting is a crash landed ww2 bird on thick smashed iced lake, I am not sure how plausible this is but I think it could look cool, sorry, COLD .

Cheers Rob :)

I took my own photos of the remarkable construction:




Excellent work there Rob.



WOW cheers Nigel I love the last shot with the light so you can see the All Seeing Eye, I had wanted to do alot more with this and fit Ultra Violet LED to cast a soft purple glow. I also have a bag of skulls , some larger metal skulls and I wanted to make a portal for it, To be honest I think I will go back and re work this at some point and finish it off and add some lights, Thanks for the Photos.

Cheers Rob :)

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Nothing wrong with '80's hair mate - Tried to grow mine long countless times, always starts to annoy me though.

No doubt we will catch up at some point, Cosford maybe?


Yea the 80s fashion style and music was cool and diverse. I loved it. Of course ok'd any decade it was both good and bad but I do love so much stuff from the 80s but then I'm an 80s kid so that's no surprises

Yea be great to see you for cosford I just hope I get more than 1 hours sleep this time haha.

Cheers Rob :)

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