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Testors enamel paint rubbing off

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I've been using Testors RLM colours in enamel.

I love the colours and they spray well when thinned with Testors enamel thinner.

BUT....I've found that even after a couple of days the paint can rub off when handling the model.

Anyone else experience this? Any possible reasons???



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Probably should note it's not just the RLM colours....it's just the general camo greens etc

Had the problem with a Humbrol colour too.....am I thinning too much maybe??

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This inquiry looks lonely so I'll have a go. (Maybe it didn't get attention because it leaves a lot to the imagination.)

I use the Testors paints but not many of the matt ones. I have not had the problem of their paint rubbing off after airbrushing. By "rubbing off" I take it that you mean there is some paint "powder" on your fingertips, rather than chips of paint flaking off, or sticky or wet paint on your fingertips.

Or, is the paint coming off down to bare plastic? If so, I'm afraid it's a problem of surface preparation.

I think that if you were adding too much thinner to your material, you'd have known it on the spot by the poor way the mixture would have behaved on the surface, creating runs, quickly running to low spots, paint separating in the colour cup, and so on.

On the contrary, I suspect you may not be adding enough thinner, so that when the paint lands on the model it is already too dry and powdery. Sort of like sandblasting your model with mostly dry paint particles. Perhaps your air pressure is too high, to boot. I imagine you have a viable thinner but just to be sure, is it "Universal Enamel Thinner" in a red 8 ounce can? Model Master Air Brush Thinner? No. 1156 Enamel Thinner and Brush Cleaner?

You're not really supposed to handle the model very much with your bare hands if it has a matt finish and prior to the clear coat(s) because of the risk of leaving fingerprints on it - fingerprints which cannot be washed out of some matt paints. Then too, the enamels want more than a couple of days of drying time.

If you were to handle the model with a tissue or latex glove instead of your fingers, would you get a dusting of paint on the tissue or glove? If so, my guess (and that is all it can be at this point) is that the paint has already dried too much on its way to the surface.

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