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Evolution of the Red Arrows - IPMS(UK) publication


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As i am a AFV modeller and i have received this if anyone wants it please let me know,

All i ask is you send me a A4 stamped addressed envelope .

Please bear in mind its a 24 page magazine virtually

First come first served


Pm Sent!


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Have to agree, this exactly the sort of resource aircraft modellers need and to get it as a unannounced extra before Telford is excellent. I hope we take the time to give feeedback to the IPMS Committee and that they produce similar thinks in the future.

More importantly Gary and the Aerobatic SIG should be thanked for their work.

edited for speeling mistooks

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I received mine yesterday, not my cup of tea as I am not into Red Arrows but looks very informative, so if anyone wants it PM and I can post it

PM sent!!

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