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Snow and Ice set


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Snow and Ice set

Precision Ice and Snow


It can be extremely difficult to produce an effective and realistic snow scene, which is why a lot of modellers shy away from building such dioramas as mud is quite easy. Whilst there are products already released from other manufacturers which can produce some really good looking effects, they aren’t necessarily in scale or correct in the way real ice and snow reacts to light. This is where Precision Ice and Snow come in. This product has been carefully designed, not only to give scale effects, ranging from a light frost all the way to a heavy snowfall, with the right amount of refraction and reflection, but to also give a scale whiteness to the scene. The product is said to stay white too and will not yellow with age or attract moisture.


There is a sense of quality to this set from the black textured box, to the well wrapped contents within. The contents include two bottles of the snow medium and a precision 700 micron stainless steel sieve. The box we received also contained a plastic bag of Krycell Extra and a packet of Krycell Ice. But I don’t think these are normally included, but can be bought separately. The Krycell extra is a medium with increased refraction and reflectivity to be used on larger scale subjects from 1:24 to 1:16. While the Krycell Ice is to be used as either a sheet to depict a frozen stream or large puddle, or can be broken up to depict broken, floating ice perhaps, as shown in the well written instructions, after a vehicle has driven through the frozen water. Being mainly a maritime modeller I’m wondering if this could also be used to depict ice flows at sea. Particularly good for an icebreaker diorama or such like.


On top of the clear and descriptive instructions, Precision Ice and Snow have also produced some very informative videos available from their website which will be important viewing before I use the materials myself. They have also been good enough to provide this information here on BM.


If the quality of the box set is anything to go by, plus the additional items, I’d say this set could bring making frosty and snowy dioramas in from the cold. In addition it looks like it could be a lot of fun in trying out the new effects now available to the modellers arsenal. I already have plans for a diorama in which I intend to try these mediums out, after which I will add some more photos to this review, but I know there are already converts to this product here on BM.

Highly recommended.

Ice and Snow Set

Kycell Extra

Krycell Ice

Review sample courtesy of

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Thank you for writing this review and sorry it has taken so long to reply to it. :oops:

We have limited resources and time seems to be the most precious commodity!

Since you wrote this review, we have increased our product range substantially and have improved the blending and manufacture of all of our products. This is an ongoing process.

We are proud that 85% of our sales are exported across the world from the UK. We have distributors in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and soon- Canada. Therfore we are always grateful for enthusiastic words about our materials.

So thank you Britmodeller for your kind words in support of a British company which 'also' exports much of its products to countries within the Arctic Circle. (The literal Coals to Newcastle!)

We have improved our kit which now includes our popular 'Winter Wash'.

A simple but effective material which allows for the precise and gradual build of fine detailed snow effects at small scales.

Cheers..Thanks for looking.............Steve.

Our NEW kit


A very snowy T-34 which is seen here with our 'Broken Ice Sheet'- 'Water'- and other materials.


A not so snowy Leopard with excellent use of water and melted- powder snow effects


And finally..............Our range of compliant and safe water's for all modellers.


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