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Revell 1/144 Tornado 1994 Tiger Meet

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This is the second 1/144 Tornado I have done in a Tiger Meet Livery. The other was a 2011 version. Both of these kits were easy to build and with plenty of detail. The plane depicted in this version was based in Lechfeld AB in 1994. In both kits, the decals were the focus of the build, so pretty much everything was OOB. And, Revell must be given credit as the decals behaved quite well with the Micro Set/Sol solutions. What distinguishes this kit from the other was the paint disaster that occurred in layering a top clear coat.

The coat topside went on fine, no problems and I thought I was on the home stretch to completing this kit.


The protective sealing coat on the bottom; not so protective, more the opposite.


So, needless to say with it being so close to completion and with all the paint and decals done, I was not a happy camper for this to happen. And, to keep it from becoming a modern art display with the shattered pieces embedding themselves into the wall I wanted to throw it against, I put it away for a while.

I am clearing out my shelf (shelves!) of doom and making myself get all those half-started kits finished. This is one of them. I carefully sanded back the paint on the underside so as to not ruin the decals as much as possible. Them I had to figure out what colors I had used and repaint. I did lose one of the wing decals, but that seems a small price to pay. I repainted, resprayed another top coat and this time, no problem. Then I put the finishing items on and here it is. I should have removed the canopy masking before storing this kit as it was a bear to remove. I am not real happy with the results, but it due to the paint problems, not the kit build or design. I am just glad to get it done.








And here it is with its little brother


And cousins


As always, all comments are welcome. And, if someone out there knows the correct magic incantations to make the air brush demons behave, please post. I would like to know there is one out there that exists without too drastic of small animal sacrifices and less than the sale of my soul to learn. Evil black art; how I miss hairy sticks

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Oh no! That really sucks, especially as it was th final coat of paint on the Tornado. I had a smiliar thing happen when a can of gloss varnish frosted on the cockpit glass of a whiffy Folland Gnat I had recently built, but it didnt destroy the paint. Ive never seen anything like this before i must say, still, you persevered and it is a decent recovery!



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If it's done in acrylics the Mr Muscle oven cleaning foam 9 times out of 10 will get rid of it. Just cover the whole thing, leave to work for a few minutes then rinse off. It may need some help with a toothbrush on more stubborn bits. I've used it a lot on Tamiya/Revell/Citadel acrylics. Not so good on Xtracrylic. As for small animal sacrifices a less drastic solution would be to eat a chicken drumstick. as opposed to taking a goat to a Bronze Age stone circle at Midsummer's Eve

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It is certainly a colourful little bird. I like it and good recovery.

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