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Seatbelt sets, 1:32/1:24 for Zoukei Mura and Kinetic

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Seatbelt sets

1:32/1:24 HGW


Continuing their selection of highly detailed seatbelt sets, HGW have released two new sets, one in 1:32 and one in 1:24. If you want super detailed seatbelts for your models then these will certainly fit the bill. The 1:32 set, for the Zoukei Mura Douglas A-1H Skyraider, contains a mixture of etched buckles and clasps with the straps being made of a very thin printed paper, whilst the 1:24 set, designed to fit the new Kinetic Republic P-27D Thunderbolt, consists of similar PE buckles and clasps, but with finely printed microtextile material.

The paper belts are remarkably thin and the idea is that once you have decided which shade of belt you’re going to use, you carefully cut each one out along the dotted line, and trim it to length. You then scrunch the belt into a ball, flatten it out and thread it through the required clasp or buckle. You will need to use dispersive glue, such as PVA, to join the folded tabs together. Once assembled you then spray with a matt varnish, then add the belts to the seat and drape as appropriate according to your reference pictures.



The 1:24 set appears to be quite a bit easier to use, in that the belts are already laser cut, leaving just a small join between the belts and the fret. With each part removed, it’s just a matter of threading through the etched parts and gluing the joints over. The belts are ready to fit to the seat and cockpit and there is a nice clear diagram showing the positioning, although you may wish to refer to actual photographs to get the correct level of sag.



Whilst these two sets are superb, even in these larger scales, the construction is remarkably fiddly with threading the straps through the various metal parts, but the impression given once assembled is quite amazing. The cloth material allows the belts to sag in a more natural way, which etched belts cannot hope to imitate without some expert manipulation. The paper ones are a bit of an unknown quantity with this reviewer though, but I can see what HGW are trying to do with the method of assembly. The quality of the two kits for which these sets are intended means that they really should be fitted with an accurate set of seatbelts, and you can’t really go wrong with these.
Very Highly recommended

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