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at the moment its a bit messy in the Engine area (again a bit blury )DSC00384_zpsf324c086.jpg

Removed the Late G Tail Half and added the Early G Tail Half and removed Late G rudder And Added Early G rudder


Rudder for early model


Early G rudder on left and Late G rudder on right


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as you have seen i had this 109 in a late G model now i want it as a Early Spec 109 so everything Late G has to be changed to a Early G part ,, as below the tail wheel has to be extended and i need to scratch build a new support DSC00390_zps4c41a347.jpg

Here i have changed the Late G tail half and rudder to Early G ones


Rear Horizontal Stabilizers in Down position as im going to have this in a diorama


These upper wing halves have to be painted and weathered


Here i have fitted the Tail wheel and by the looks of it it needs to be raised


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Hi Alex, one thing I would do before going on much further

would be stripping off the old paint with Mr Muscle oven cleaner.

That way you'll have it back to the bare plastic.



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i have the 2 lower parts of the wings fitted


Thanks for the comment :) i have since Those pictures were started , stripped of all the paint of wings and a bit of the fuseulage

Paint nearly of the top 2 wing halves i have decided that im having the oil coolers or whatever they are open DSC00398_zps355c26aa.jpg

undercarrige of and being rebuilt and doesy anyone have any plans for the Me109s undercarrige plans need to rebuild the frame DSC00399_zps6d41e827.jpg

Rear Horizontal Stablizers done and forgot to strip paint of those DSC00400_zps2d826cf5.jpg

Scratch built 40mm Cannons for the G what do you think ,,, and ami i forgetting anything on them ????DSC00401_zpsd103b6b3.jpg

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Why dont you just get a new kit? They are so cheep.

well i spose i could but 28.90 Euros is a bit steep and i live at least a hour away from my nearest model shop that stocks the ME109G6 1/32nd is marks models in dublin , Anyway i making a project outta it

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You got to go with what you gat and keep plodding away !!!!!!!!! I see you still have blobs of paint an things like the tail and wing surfaces !!!!!!!! If you can stump up the cost of Mr Muscle oven cleaner, gather all the parts that still need paint removed !!!!! Place them in a polly bag with the spray covering all the parts and let it sit overnight !!!!!

Take the bits out and rub the debris off with a toothbrush under water !!!!!!!! If it is bits with your engine already in place just make sure the Mr Muscle doe not get to the engine !!!!! And wipe off the surface with damp kitchen roll !!!!!!! That should give you a better chance to fill your joint lines to prepare and repaint to a better surface !!!!!!!!

I know what like it is getting started when no model shops or funds hold back on the stuff you want !!!!!

All the best


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