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Wet Transfer Stencils. 1:32/1:48

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Wet Transfer Stencils

1:32/1:48 HGW Models


HGW are well known for their amazing range of wood decals, seatbelts and detail sets. Well, now they have released a new range of wet transfers, in the case of this review, they are for the 1:32 P-51 D, J and K, the Me109F, G and the 1:48 Spitfire Mk.IX. So, what’s the difference between wet transfers and the normal decals we find in most kits? The difference is that with the wet transfers you cut out the item you want to add to your model, place in hot water and wait until the decal becomes loose from the base paper. You then apply as per a regular decal, pushing the water from beneath the decal, then let it dry for three to four hours. When dry you then remove the transfer foil and clean away any glue stains with water, leaving the stencil in place, looking more like it has been painted on. It may be a bit more of a faff, but apparently they do look so much better than standard decals.

1:32 P51D, J, K Mustang (232008) – This sheet provides all the stencils, of which there are a lot, required for one aircraft. These include the placards that are applied to the drop tanks, bombs and main undercarriage legs. There are also the markings for aircraft serial No’s 473304, 411622 and 414151. These include kill markings, code letters and for 414151 the name Petie 2nd.



1:32 Me109G-6 (232009) – As per the set above this sheet provides a full set of stencils for possibly two aircraft with the stencils in either red or black. In addition to the stencils there are a pair of swastikas, black and white low visibility Balkenkreuz, Gruppe Commander markings, staffel emblem for JG-3 and the horizontal S markings for Group III.



1:48 Spitfire Mk.IX (248001) – this sheet only provides the stencils for one aircraft, but does include the wing walkways lines as well as the standard stencils for this mark. There are no aircraft insignia or markings for individual aircraft, but then there are so many sets already released that seem to cover most of the aircraft built that they aren’t really necessary.



Decals have been with us pretty much since modern modelling began, so it’s interesting to see a new variation on the theme. I can only go by those who have used these and have been extremely happy with the results. But I will be using them on my builds in the future and will update this review having done so.

Review samples courtesy of

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