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B-17 Flying Fortress Seatbelts 1:32

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B-17 Flying Fortress Seatbelts (2 sets)
1:32 HGW Models


The HK Models B-17 is a monster of a kit, with a decent interior on which to build a super-detailed model. There are no seatbelts included with the kit however, which these two sets from HGW intend to rectify in superb style. There are two sets available, one of which includes resin cushions for the front cockpit crew (132534), and one that supplies a fabric cover to glue over the original parts (132529). Each set comes in a flat pack with a card header that also acts as protection for the parts. The resin parts are found behind the card in its set.

Seatbelt Set with Resin Cushions (132534)
This set contains fabric belts for seven seats, Photo-Etch (PE) parts for their buckles and fasteners, and a pair of the prominent cushions for each of the pilot's seats in resin, with decals to depict the US Air Corps stencil on the cushions that can easily be seen through the windows on the yellow background of the cushions. The belts are described as a micro-textile, and come attached to a backing paper and pre-printed with colour and stitching detail to a very high standard. If you're not familiar with these style of high-realism belts, you remove them from the backing paper, crumple them up and kneed them between your fingers, and then glue the PE fasteners in place as per the instructions. The belts then drape naturally on the seats, and can be glued in place easily when compared to PE belts.



The resin consists of two cushions per seat, one for the seat pan, and one for the back, which has ribbing pressed in, to ensure a snug fit with the back of the kit's seat parts. Waterslide decals are supplied for both cushions to complete the job once you have painted the resin yellow. Clean-up of the resin is minimal, as they are barely attached to the pour stubs, and will need a quick buff with a sander, being careful of course not to inhale the dust.


Seatbelt Set with Fabric Cushions (132529)
Consisting of a sheet of "Super Fabric" microtextile and sheet of PE the same as the above set, this is identical apart from the layout of the fabric sheet, the lack of resin and decals. Sufficient belts and buckles for seven seats, and of course the more slim-line cushions for the pilots' seats. If you're resin averse, or prefer the look of the skinny cushions, this is the set for you.



These are without doubt the most realistic seatbelts on the market at this time. In 1:48 they're a bit fiddly, but worth the effort. In 1:32 they should be much easier to build up, and should be at the top of everyone's list of upgrades for their monster B-17 (IMHO), and for their other projects too for that matter. Martin at HGW is a thoroughly nice guy into the bargain, so give him all your money!

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