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P-59 1/48 Detail Sets

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I picked up a P-59, one of Hobbycraft's later releases (2002), and it is an overall nice release. One of their best in my opinion. I just picked up a 3D printer, so I decided to design a quick cockpit detail set. I know there was a long out of production Cutting Edge cockpit set, and there is a True Details set still in production. Not trying to disparage any company in particular, but I have not been a huge fan of the latter company's releases. They are Ok, but not my cup of tea.

In any event, I have gotten the main dimensions, and have put in place the front and rear bulkheads. Unfortunately, there are virtually no good cockpit/interior photos available for free online! I need to order the Erection and Maintenance manual along with Steve Pace's book on the Airacomet. If anyone has, or knows where I can find some good pics, please let me know!



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Interesting idea.

Try asking on Hyperscale Plane Talking, they have a large US membership, and well



pics have gone, but there are email addresses which is worth trying, or join and ask yourself?

don't how 'good' these are but might help



a couple of shots of a restoration at the bottom of this






Or try emailing a musuem that has one, and ask for photos?


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Thank you Troy - great photos and suggestions! I will keep everyone posted on the progress

All the best,


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