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One of the most interesting and inspirational builds I have had the privilege to follow - to describe your work as "excellent" would probably be an understatement.

Any thoughts on what you will build next to follow it yet?

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Part 2:

I tried to add lots of interest to the flight deck, and get things as accurate as possible within scale. All the aircraft are lashed down and chocked apart from the SK and Harrier being marshalled on deck


total Airgroup is 12 Sea harriers, 4 Harriers (converted from SHARs) 4 Sea King HAS5 & 3 HC4s all converted from SK AEW2s. 2 Lynxes all from WEM. 2 of the SHARS have tiny Sidewinders


One SHAR is about to be refuelled, and the two SKs are about to depart. All the flight deck crew have correctly coloured surcoats and hopefully are in a sensible location for their role.


​SK being guided onto the deck edge lift and two armed Harriers.


Again, lots of photos were used to position the aircraft and vehicles realistically, matching many of the parking spots used at the time.


Most of the vehicles are also scratch built, plus a few items from the WEM HMS Illustrious Air wing brass set. the massive 10p piece should give an idea of scale.


Finally, the ski ramp and more parked aircraft.


I'll finish up with Part three right after this...

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Part three:

Both the escorts also feature crew, but in much smaller numbers. Everyone is in anti-flash gear, not sure if that made painting easier or harder. But painting 100 in a sitting gets a bit dull.


Broadsword is painted to show some of the action damage the real ship received, in particular the patched flight deck and stern following a bomb hit.


Yarmouth was showing lots of rust after a long time at sea:


Just visible in this shot is H's crane with fuelling hose and the work party on Broadsword's waist ready for the RAS to start.


Finally, most of the photos taken at the time were black and white, so I thought I'd try a couple of monochrome shots.



I've enjoyed this build hugely, I've learnt a load of new techniques along the way, taken a few big breaks and resorted to an Optivisor to see what I'm painting!

As daffy duck once said;

That's all folks!


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That must be one of the best models dio I have seen ever, full stop, period. Thanks for showing and congratulations on those long years very well spent.

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Brilliant build, I like how you have done the sea, reminds me of another modeller, I think his name is Costas Katseas, his model ships just like yours showed the ships being battered by the waves in a very convincing way

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Museum Quality and not a penny short of it! Outstanding!!

Brings back some 'pleasant' memories :cold: and its amazing how big the flight deck looks on the model compared to how small it looked when viewed from above in a helicopter!

Christian the Married and exiled to africa

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What a great modeller you are!

It`s absolutely amazing what you have done.

What can be seen in those pictures speaks so high of you.

Your attention to detail and wide set of modelling skills are second to none.

I think it is a brilliant idea perfectly executed.

Inspiring... great tribute to those who won the Falklands.


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This artwork can go straight into the Yeovilton museum

Absolutely superb.


The Netherlands.

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