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Russian T-80B E35-212 and T-80BV E35-213. 1:35


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Russian T-80B E35-212 and T-80BV E35-213

ET Models 1:35


The number of Russian MBT’s released or due to be released by Trumpeter is quite amazing. To cater for those modellers who just love to add extra detail, ET Models seems to be keeping up with the relentless release schedule with these two sets for the T-80B and T-80BV kits. Contained in the now standard poly sleeve with card header, and with the instructions on the green A4 sheets, the two sets share all but one sheet of etch, along with the resin replacements for the smoke dischargers.


As with many of ET sets the modeller is required to remove some of the kits details before using the etched parts. But with these kits there are very few bits that need removal, as it’s mostly adding detail rather taking any away. The build begins with the assembly of the numerous straps and buckles for use around the hull and turret. The support brackets for the snorkel are completely replaced with etched parts along with the restraining straps as are the similar items for the external fuel drums. The infra red lamp to the right of the main gun barrel is fitted with a new lens cover, hinged bracket and support mounts. The turret storage bins and spare ammunition case are completely replaced with super detailed etched items.


There are loads of new parts for the barrel of the main gun, such as the retaining rings and strengthening bars that run along the top. Each ring is quite a complex assembly and includes the catches at each end of the ring, each of which has be carefully folded. With the main barrel done, it’s on to the machine gun, which is fitted with new sights front and rear, plus new searchlight details. The most complex part is that of the rear mounted exhaust, which consists of a series of horizontal and vertical louvers which have to be interleaved to form the completed part. The rest of the set is comprised of smaller details, such as the headlamp guards, intake grilles, hinges for the side skirts, clamps and brackets for the headlamps, catches for the towing cleats, grab handles for the turret and engine deck, the multipart aerial mount, onto which the resin aerial base is attached, whilst the resin smoke launchers are fitted in place of the kit items.


The T-80BV set also includes the defensive reactive armour boxes, of which there are around 39 consisting of two types. These are either mounted direct, as per the turret roof, or to various types of framework, depending on their positioning. There is also a rather unusual item, which looks like a windscreen for in front of the drivers position, complete with acetate sheet to represent the glass. This item is shown in the build, but not where it’s fitted, so you will need to do some research.






These two sets are up to the usual standard we’ve come to expect from ET Models. But my goodness they are going to be fiddly in some areas. The usual advice is to take care and take a large slug of patience when folding and bending the parts into shape. At the end though you will have one, or in this case two, very highly detailed T-80 tanks in your collection. Highly recommended

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