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1/48 Tornado Gr.1, Revell wip

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here are few pictures of the current progress.

I wanted to secure the cockpit to the right part of the fuselage, cause I'll do a lot of surgery and need to have the cockpit steady :).

After thinking what would be best for the cockpit, I came to the conclusion that I should do most of things myself. I will use few bits from flightpath set. Eduard is very disappointing IMO. those flat painted things are just not my option. For 20+ Euros they could at least do the accurate rear MFD boxes. Luckily fp set is here. We'll see along how much will I be able to use.

Maybe someone will use Neomega cockpit, but, as I said already in some topic revell made it very difficult to fit in other cockpits like neomega, mostly becasue the wheel bay (the bottom part of the wheelbay is part of the cockpit) and the fact that cockpit is essential for holding up together wheel bay, left and right fuselage and the bottom

Thanks for watching









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Wow, great start. lovely detailing, although I'd of took the easy route and stuck some etch in there!!

Me too sometimes, but I've been planning to build detailed gulf war tornado for a loooong time, and this time I'll skip eduard (interior though, I'll use underacrriage set, found some useful things there )

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Hi again,

here are some new pic of the progress. I did work on cockpit since last update quite regulary, but as you can see based on the progress pic, it was very time consuming.

Still some work required on those MFD's, and especially on the middle part (a lot of work left there). I'll use those grill's (passive cooler?) on the MFD's from PE flightpath set, cuted to fit. Regarding the FP set, I'm not sure if I can say that I am satisfied with it. There is obviously something wrong with the size of the revell MFD's but also with the FP's ones. I understand that it is made for italeri kit, but some of the parts should fit any 1/48 scale Tornado, like those MFD and the middle console. Also, the FP ladder don't have holes on the standing platform (!?). However, I will use some FP parts, but they will be cuted out and fitted to the cockpit part. I've caculated that the FP set is more useful and econimc than eduard interior + eduard ladders, because of the large pe fret and resin parts, and you get ladders also. But from the instructions I couldn't see that there are no holes in ladders, and parts that should be "universal" are oversized, so my conclusion is questionable.

The middle console is undersized in the revell kit, just as MFD's, so I've made it bigger by "dressing" it in 0.4mm styrene all around.

Here are some fresh pic, bye for now :












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Thank you Harrison.

Here are few progress pic on the wheel bay. Still a lot of work to do, this is base work for wireing. I hope I'll have some new pictures soon, knowing myself If I stop now I won't be coming back to it :) Cheers and thanks for watching. Marko









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