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"Gunfighter", 21st century P-51D Mustang


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Good evening guys, i m back with another mustang! :) This should be last one for some time, but one never knows... ;)

This baby was built as part of the Mustang STGB here on BM. The kit is the well known P-51D Airfix 1/72, decals Kit´s World, exhausts Quickboost (adjusted from Spitfire IX round exhausts), wheels from MPM A-36 and scratchbuilt cockpit, wheel wells and some more details around the airframe (special antennas on underside, position light under air intake).

I have to say the decals were a bit disapointment - the "Gunfighter" letters are too big and the white on "Gunfighter" icon is totaly off... :( But other than that it was fine.

For anyone interested, WIP thread you can find here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234966654-p-51d-gunfighter-finished-hjgb-wont-make-it-this-time-sorry/.

Some shots now - i was lazy to wait for tomorrow, so i took some shots with "night" background :)

















Thanks for watching guys and all comments and tips are appreciated :)

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That is a truly beautiful Mustang Wolwe and one of the best 1/72 models I have seen. Absolutely stunning on all levels. And I think the night photography really shows it off well. Brilliant!! The close-ups show what a talented modeller you are!

Edit: tip - keep doing what you're doing!

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Thanks James :) All masking was done by tamiya tape. The wing bands were easy, just two stripes of tape with the right distance between them. The checker nose was a bit more tricky, but i did used a bit of "cheating" - i had dcals for it, but these were in wrong colour shades. So first i did paint yellow band on the nose. Then i did cut out the decals for the nose (as whole) and layed tamiya tape over it. The tape is enough transparent to see the checker design on the decal under it. As next i did just cut the yellow sections from the decal (together with the tamiya tape on it), removed the tape from it and layed it on the nose, carefuly to keep the lines right. It was slow work, but better than using bright green decals when i wanted to have darker green fuselage (as is on real plane).

After the masking was done, you just spray the areas with paint. From my experiences, it is important to go slowly with this. Do not use too thick paint or you will get noticeable "step" between the band and the rest of the airframe. But too thinned paint means the paint could flood the area and get under the tape. I m using more thinned paint, but going very slowly with it and carefuly, building up the colour slowly. Mainly the first one-two layers needs to be done carefuly.

Hope it does help a bit, if you would have any more questions or you did not understand something (probably for my lack of english skills :) ), go ahead and ask, i ll gladly try to answer it :)

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