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Wars End


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Let me present “Wars End” Berlin 1945

No cohesive, over-all plan for the defense of Berlin was ever actually prepared. All that existed was the stubborn determination of Hitler to defend the capital of the Reich. Circumstances were such that he gave no thought to defending the city until it was much too late for any kind of advance planning. Thus the city's defense was characterized only by a mass of improvisations. These reveal a state of total confusion in which the pressure of the enemy, the organizational chaos on the German side, and the catastrophic shortage of human and material resources for the defense combined with disastrous effect.

These are 2 x legend 1/35 figures , the base is scratch built

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Really good dio, you can feel his desperation as the calls for a medic reverberate through the ally, the whole build looks really good I like all the detail the buildings the via duct, how long did it take?

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That's a very poignant dio there. You can almost feel the loneliness and desperation.

Very well done!

Just as an afterthought, it's hard to believe how short a period of time elapsed before he may have been involved assisting his previous foes in the Berlin Airlift.

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