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John B

1/48 Airfix Seafire XV

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Hi, Troy,

In fact, the new Airfix Vb is the only one I got at hand; I am in the process of transferring from Kenya to Germany and my stuff is still sailing somewhere at the Gulf, well at striking distance of the same Somali pirates I was once helping to combat... would you think of a more fitting irony?

Up to now I have tried grafting new noses on Tamiya and SH kits (both can be seen in the Hyperscale site); but rest assured I shall try your method, I hope that in the near future.

I am still worried about the fitting of the lower cowling panel, ill fitting even without any modification; but that I think will be solved in the field.



Hi Fernando

Regarding the Tamiya I/V [bob says same parts in both kits], I just emailed Roy Sutherland, he pointed out that the nose of the Tamiya is a bit slab sided, and the new Airfix has the correct 'horseshoe' shape.

Looking directly from the front, I see what he means, the SH is better in this area BTW though.

Looks like I'm going to have to cut up some kits to see if my theories are workable or not, though I did find the camera batteries which hold more than 15 mins power!

I'm sure Airfix will in time do the added bits to the Mk I/II and a VC, but I think it's worth seeing if older kits can be accurised reasonably easily, for those who have them stashed, or pick them up cheap.

At one point you made a very good point about modelling time vs your available time, and how it not worth spending that time upgrading kit faults.

Which is a good point if you are time limited, [which hopefully means at least your not poor! ]

If you don't have a load of cash, but at least have the time, then fixing up older kits is worthwhile. I quite like trying to work out solutions as well.



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Oooh. My head hurts. Let me see if I have this all correct -

1) Wings? - both folded or both spread = reality, in-between = only for short periods or special occasions.

2) Airfix XV? - Probably not as good as I would hope it would be based on the Airfix 17 and XII, but Special Hobby XV is not bad.

3) Special Hobby XV worst aspect? - the wing needs to come forward.

Is that an accurate summation? :shrug: If not, I guess I'll need to go back and re-read the thread from the beginning.

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