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Evening all!

Apologies about the photo's quality (or lack of quality)!

This quick little 2 hour build started from an obsession (practically everything nuclear weapons, cold war or anything military post ww2). I have been aware of the Topol and Topol-M missiles for quite a while and have always wanted to build a model of one, naturally, and having seen the new Zvezda offering I decided to think about making my own. Weeks went by with nothing much being done until I came across the Zvezda Topol model in my local model shop, when I got home I sat down with some plasticard, some plastic tubing and some foamboard and created a model of the Topol-M in its "erected" position.


As said previously it was all made in 2 and a bit hours with only classical music and glasses of water to keep me going! :D I don't know the scale as I started from the ground up and so the wheels of the Topol were scaled down to the width of the tubing and everything went from there.


Hope you enjoy!




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Well I wouldn't even know how and where to start scratchbuilding something like that, so hats off to you on that score.

But I'm puzzled: Why not just buy and build the Zvezda kit?

- Steve


I would like to say because I was creative and had lots of plasticard bits and pieces to work with, I am trying to spread out when I buy things, I brought the Airfix 1:48 lightning the day before so buying another kit at that moment was not exactly an option. I was inspired by a few short clips I saw showing them launch from various facilities and I decided on the TEL version.

In terms of where to start, I decided on a rough scale, measured up a rectangular ended stretch of plasticard and cut it, for the sides I cut the rectangular end in two to form identical side-walls and for the wheels I used a piece of plastic rod cut up into discs. It is crude but from a distance it looks not that bad I think (these photos show how crude it is and I can only apologise)!



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