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Harrier Harvest, I was going to go with Harrier Hernia but that doesn't sound quite so exciting! Here is another booby type build followed on from here;


This time BOOBS is an abbreviation of Built Out Of Boxed Sets.


Airfix harrier Gr1 x3

Airfix Harrier Gr3

Italeri Harrier Gr3

Hasegawa Av8-a

Eduard zoom etch for Gr1 x2 and for Gr3 x1,

Master models pitots for Gr1x3 and for Gr3x1,

Pavla seats for Av8a x2, Pavla Aden gun pods for harriers x2,

attack squadron Mk 77 napalm bombs for US aircraft x6

Caracel decals early Av8a sheet all in 1/72 scale.

I'm just waiting on a few books (thank you Mr H.Lime for the clue) then I'm going to begin "Operation Vertical"

One thing I've learned about model kits, if you find one you like get many before eBay put the price up! Secretly I'm hoping revell release the Hunter Mk6 again.

What I'm after is help to make (within the limits of my skill and scale permitting) accurate harriers of Gr1/3 and Av8a types, I'm starting with the American versions as I don't yet have seats for the RAF examples. Any help appreciated for any type under construction (everything in the picture is under construction!)

Some builds will be quicker with less effort! Please be patient. . . .

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Woah!!! I have never witnessed a Harrier overdose in my life!!!! Just say the word and I will call 911!

Too much of a good thing notwithstanding, this is going to be fun watching!

Good luck!


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The decals, hasegawa, Italeri and 1 gr1 kit were stash items, the rest came in on my last order.

That's 6 months pocket money right there!

Thanks jean, apparently this isn't so bad! There are others like me who are more infected! I'll take your luck though, cheers!

Winenut, heehee, that plan worked on my other harrier BOOBY WIP (ongoing)

(I was going to go with, Built Out Of Boxed Sets And Packets but I thought that may be across the line? Let's face it this is grey area already)

(Grim reaper, thats easier, also I'm not sure if the No is Norwegian? Royal Norwegian? Who knows)

Get rid of? Build them! Shame I have this lot! Maybe in 12 months we can talk.

Phil, that's a deal. Welcome aboard. Cheers.

Thanks also, Harry, Procopius, RNoAF, Sleeper and Tomoshenko.

I haven't even started yet! I know what the first one will be, thats it. . .for now!

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"Operation Vertical" Project 1


Hawker Siddeley AV-8A Harrier

Harrier Mk 50 purchased by Navy for USMC.

C/n 712062/1




Also had RAF serials XW644/XW655.

Marines AV-8A 158702 VMA-231, Arctic camouflage NAS Fallon 1983.

C/n 712099/21 (P1127) converted to Av-8C, to AMARC as 7A 0014, April 15, 1986.

References from Militair, UkSerials, Joe Baugher, plus many more!

That's all I could find out, I do not own these images. Reference purposes only.

Uk serials revealed nothing on the XW series code. For this build I will be using an Airfix Gr1 kit with Eduard Zoom, Master pitot, Caracel decals, Pavla stencel S-III-S seat and Attack Squadron Mk 77 napalm tanks.

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So begins the build of an Av8 conversion from the Airfix Gr1 kit.

I thought I'd start with the area that caused me most difficulties with the last harrier build namely the intake nozzle assembly.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/92891884@N04/14773428124/ (Or follow the link in post 1 to the WIP BOOBY post #3)


This time I started of with instruction sequence 19-21, then I skip back to 7-10. The complete outer nozzle assembly is fixed to the fuselage, then the inside of the nozzles are fixed. This is left to dry, after which I will fill the join and add parts A6/7 to complete the area. Only time will tell whether or not this is a faster/easier way around.

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While the nozzles were setting I moved on to the cockpit area, I am using the Eduard Zoom etch set for the gr1 which takes care of all of my minor gripes with the standard cockpit details. It looks good, just like any other colour printed etch from this firm. I won't be dealing with the seat parts as I have a nice resin replacement to use but maybe I can find another harrier somewhere. . .

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(Selwyn if you are reading)

What do you think of the etch seat belts? I mean which type of harness system is it and for what era?

(That's an open question to all, so please any and all help is appreciated)

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I did something similar in the 1980's, after Esci introduced their Harriers/Shars. The quality of these kits helped though. At one stage I had around 30 built, covering all the RAF and FAA units,....these would have been GR1s/GR3's and SHars FRS1's . Of course there's no excuse now....Airfix for the GR1/3'/7 and 9 (& 5 with a bit of jiggers- pokery) , Sword for the T2/4& 8 and Esci/italeri for the Shar1. That still leaves us in the search for a decent T10 & 12 and an FA2, but there are kits that can be adapted to suit...

Good luck with yours!!

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Good too see you tackle the etch, I always think it's a good option for the 1/72 scale pits. There was some discussion about the seat harnesses in a previous thread. From memory the GR1 didn't have the shoulder straps, I personally just removed them from the neomega seat I used. As for other minor details I guessed they wouldn't be too obvious on this scale....


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Like the choice. I agree the nozzle intake assembly is a little fiddly and I ended up pretty much following the same course of action as the one you have chosen.

This was what I thought after my first go at the Gr3 version (see WIP BOOBY), it seems easier and slightly faster because you can see what you are doing! Also I should be able to get a healthy squirt of micro filler in which again is easier than hand application. I think I'll build all Airfix harriers this way from now on.

Cheers maverick, you can never have too much of a good thing! Keep on building!

Bill, in the 80s I was 1-10 years old, I didn't even build models until 83-84 and then I made do with whatever the post office had on the shelf, every so often I got out to a little model shop nearby but real kids pocket money doesn't go far! A 1/48 tamiya 109 was a birthday or christmas special! Thank The Lord himself for the internet!

For me 1s and 3s are harriers, it would be nice to complete the line up though, but, like all things aviation, the more you learn about a type, the more there is to know! I'd like a raspberry ripple and (I need to check my references) it's a. . . . Mk52 (ZA 250) from the air file harrier book, top schemes!

That's great kitology though, cheers.

Cheers Marty, yeah, harriers for 6 months then I'll build something else! (Maybe a stashed unit!) then again. . .

Cheers Phil, etch is ok but not for every kit! Sometimes it's a waste of time fitting it as it can't be seen (trumpeter sea fury/Eduard)

Most jets I think can use it though because the office is on show, I say that but all of my etch work to date is still laying around in dusty boxes, you call them WIPs! IF this gets finished it will be my first complete etch kit! So far I've nailed together the previously mentioned 1/72 sea fury, one of the pair of 48th Mk IX spits from Eduard, kit etch, royal box.

I'm working on a 72 revell chinook mh47e but RAF (big ed and cmk resin) (lots of chinook stuff, that's operation heavy lift, 3 RAF chinooks) a revell p47n (1/48) just seat belts, tubs finished, not much else! Oh and the dragon 1/700 Essex carrier, kit supplied etch, that's ready for paint. It is those tiny details and differences I was after. You know, that's a Gr1 because. . .etc. etc.

Cheers bill, cheers blueliner. More motivation from you guys. Greatly appreciated.

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Cockpit work, fitting the Eduard zoom. Slowly I'm getting used to using etch. The majority of the pieces were set using Matt varnish, 4 pieces out of 13 used so far were fixed with super glue, the curved section in the left side of the tub, a box on the right sidewall and the canopy rails, these were also set with Matt varnish. I've looked at fitting the seat, so far I've removed the rail on the tub rear section, this was done before paint but it looks like I'll also need to sand away some detail on the rear of the seat to get a fit, well, more like to achieve some sort of footwell area! I'm almost ready to start building this thing!

The grey is the first attempt mix of Humbrol acrylic grey made for the FW190, it is mainly 145 with a bit of 27 and drops of black.


Or, http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234966349-harrier-hiatus-airfix-fw-190typhoon-1b-dogfight-doubles/?view=findpost&p=1719571 post #8

Its near enough to the Eduard zoom. Result. I didn't fit the throttle control/nozzle deflection levers and the canopy rails are on upside down. Other than that, I'm happy so far!


(I'm not so sure it's correct for an Av8a but hey oh it's too late now! Also I can't find an etch or resin av8a cockpit, this is all I could find)

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Be following this with interest. Love a Harrier & there's lots here!!

That's great, tell me what you think.

If you're a fan of the type, tell me what you know.


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That cockpit is looking nice. Etch makes all the difference to the Airfix pit. I note you are using matt varnish to fix the etch panels. Presumably you can move the etch into position as opposed to when using superglue, which from my experience, no matter what variety I use always acts like a contact adhesive. Is it better than using Klear? Is there much difference in strength when compared with superglue?

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That cockpit is looking nice. Etch makes all the difference to the Airfix pit. I note you are using matt varnish to fix the etch panels. Presumably you can move the etch into position as opposed to when using superglue, which from my experience, no matter what variety I use always acts like a contact adhesive. Is it better than using Klear? Is there much difference in strength when compared with superglue?

Here's what happened, I met a girl, we fell in love and now we have a baby.....

Things change fast, that goes for Britmodeller too!

It took me half a day to find this post, I'm struggling to find all of my work on here......

So, in the last er, since October 2014! I've dabbled with the revell 1/32nd spit 22/24, played with a 1/700 dragon Bismarck and I also had a baby, the whole situation was time consuming! Difficult, tiresome, worrying and the best thing that ever happened!

Things have settled down again and I can finally get back into model making.......

(10 or 12 part starts, time to clear the shelf, and quickly.......)

So, apologies for the delays, tomoshenko, yes! Etch does make a big difference, here and in particular jets overall.

They normally have open cockpits and it's worth your time, I think that even after my few builds using this stuff.

And yes, the Matt varnish does allow you the time to position the etch parts. Doesn't fog over either!

(Now, Dusting down my tool kit......)

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