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Ki-61- I-TEI - 244th Sentai - 1/72 Hasegawa

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Kawasaki Ki-61 Type I-TEI, #5262, Chofu, April 1945,
Pilot: 244th Senai commander Capt. Teruhiko Kobayashi (reserve a/c)


Kit: Hasegawa (in the meantime clearly superseded by Fine Molds and RS Models)
Photo-etched parts: Eduard
Wheels with rubber tires: Equipage
Decals: Life Like Decals “244th Sentai Pt.2”


Built in 1997 and finished initially as that dubious "Shamrock Tony" much discussed around 2000.
Partially repainted and completely re-decalled in 2004.


Although the level of painting and weathering leaves something to be desired being obviously below that of my more recent models presented here and the exact colours might remain somewhat controversial, lot of corrections and extra detail (wheel wells,ventral radiator, drop tanks - just to mention a few...) were done and so I dare to present it to your attention...






P1010095.JPG P1010096.JPG P1010097.JPG P1010103.JPG P1010123.JPG P1010132-157.jpg P1010152.JPG P1010163-140.jpg P1010180-168.jpg P1010203.JPG P1010223.JPG P1010191.JPG c1.jpg P1010164-177.jpg

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Hi Aesthete:

Really a wonderful build, just a masterpiece in every place you set she!!!

I have downloaded some pics to watch the magnificent work you have done and get new ideas to build and try to improve mine. I have the ancient Revell rerelease, and even tough the difference is huge, I think is a piece in which anyone with a lot of work can do a nice replica, obviously not as wonderful as yours.

Thank you very much for sharing!!


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Cracking build of a very attractive aircraft,often thought if this had been a German design we would have been swamped with kits of it rather than the

very few in all scales there are out there!

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Thanks for comments!

In my (subjective) opinion, Hien is the most attractive single-engined Japanese WWII fighter. While normally doing strictly 1 model of each type, I couldn't resist buying also a "short-nosed" (Hei) version by Fine Molds some time ago in the hope to finish it with mottled camouflage some day...

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Looks wonderful, does the dragon kit have a place on your list? Just wondering your opinion as I have it but not built it yet. There is no doubt in my mind that the Finemolds kit would outclass it.

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Although I don't have the Dragon kit, according to the photos and reviews, it must be better than Hasegawa, but probably indeed outclassed by FineMolds and RS Models.

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