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Multipose WWII German Infantry Figures - Airfix 1/32


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Multipose WWII German Infantry Figures

Airfix 1/32

The Kit
I can vaguely remember getting a set of these in the early 1980's. The set was first issued in 1977 and has been re-released a few times over the years. Airfix have now released this in a starter set with 6 paints, 2 brushes and a tube of glue. The figure parts look well sculpted and the weapons are very well moulded. There is very little flash on the sprues considering the age of the moulds.



There are 6 figures in the set.
  • Officer Standing
  • Walking with rifle
  • Lying throwing grenade
  • Standing with sub machine gun
  • Running with machine gun
  • Kneeling with pazerfaust.



All of the figures come as separate legs, torso, arms and heads. Separate webbing pouches, back packs, water bottles and entrenching tool pouches are provided for each figure. Helmets are provided for the troops, and a field cap and map case are provided for the officer. Ammunition pouches, are also provided. One MG42, one MP40, One Panzerfaust, and four Mauser Rifles are provided for the figures. Bayonets are provided for the rifles as well. 5 Bases are provided for the standing figures if not to be used in part of a diorama.


Decals are supplied for ranks and unit patches.


These moulds have stood the test of time well for Airfix and its good to see these sets being made available again.


Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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