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Bombardier CRJ-100 - 1:144 BPK


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Bombardier CRJ-100

1:144 BPK


The Bombardier CRJ (Canadair Regional Jet) is a a highly successful regional airliner which started life as a development of the Canadair Challenger, and has been further developed and stretched from the -100 series to the -1000 series.
BPK from Ukraine recently released an injection moulded kit of this little airliner, and very nice it is too. A full review appears Here.

BPK have used a very unusual, but succesful, method of reproducing the glazed areas on the model. The whole cockpit area is moulded in clear plastic, and clear strips with masks are used for the cabin windows. There is even a full cockpit provided, with instrument panel decals. I was so intrigued by this that the kit went straight from the review bench and onto the workbench, pushing several other projects out of the way. It is a beautiful little kit, with exceptionally good fit and was a pleasure to build. A work in progress thread is Here


On with the photos;







And the traditional 'with something else' shot to lend a sense of size. The most likely companion I could find was a Zvezda Boeing 767 in American colours. I expect these 2 often met in real life.


Thanks for looking,


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Not a big fan of civil aircraft but this is a very nice rendition of the CRJ……..I've actually flown in them quite a lot, with Lufthansa and SAS, back and forth from Stavanger and its a nice little jet to travel in.

Well done, John…….a very nice build.

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Thanks all,

Magnificent build - perfection itself. Are those the kit decals?



Indeed they are;


They are very delicate though, a coat of Microscale liquid decal film brushed over the sheet helps protect and toughen them.



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