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1/48 - Republic RF-84F Thunderflash by Tanmodel - released - CMK sets


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Dear Forum Members;

We have reached to the final stage in our RF-84F 3D design. The design will be completed by the following week and we will provide its final version to your opinion.

We made use of;

  • The actual aircraft displayed at Istanbul Aviation Museum
  • T.O. 1F-84F – 3 and 4
  • Various photos and documents we obtained from modellers.

while preparing this design.

We strived to provide 1/32 scale details in 1/48 scale for our model kit. Therefore, our kit will feature the following properties :

  • 2 different canopies (open and closed version), with the realistic shape
  • Detailed cockpit consisting of 30 parts
  • Camera bay consisting of 50 parts (including cameras)
  • Camera bay doors to be provided separately with interior details (Fuselage will be closed, however, modellers may prefer to cut out the bay doors and use the separate doors)
  • Camera outer glasses will have frame as a separate piece. Modellers may prefer to install it in open position. This will provide solution for easier joining and prevention of glue marks.
  • Entire Intake structure including grill
  • Turbine blades
  • Exhaust details including motor outlet fans
  • 4 pylons and 4 drop tanks
  • Realistic wing shape (Modellers who know the aircraft well will immediately understand what is meant)
  • Detailed landing gears and bays
  • Reasonable level of rivet details
  • Modeller-friendly part breakdowns

We would like to express our gratitude towards Mr. Cumali AYGUN and Ahmet Cagri ACIKGOZ, who provided us opinions and suggestions and Mr. Bob VERHEGGHEN, Mr. Rick ELLIS, and Mr. Turhan GUNGOR, who assisted us for photographs and documentation.

Best regards,







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The box art.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/tanmodel/photos/a.293378480850420.1073741830.288722731315995/320034958184772/?type=1&relevant_count=1

Box-Art for our 1/48 RF-84F model kit.. Artist : Mr. Huseyin BALTA

Değerli modelciler;

3D CAD Tasarımı bitmek üzere olan 1/48 Republic RF-84F THUNDERFLASH #2201 kitimizin kutu kapağı resmi, Türk uçaklarının profil resimleriyle tanıdığınız Sayın Hüseyin BALTA tarafından çizilip, tarafımıza hediye edilmiştir.

Kendisine yakın ilgisi ve harika çizimi nedeniyle teşekkürlerimizi sunar, bir Türk modelcilik firmasının kutu kapağında yine bir Türk çizerin resmi bulunacağı için büyük mutluluk duyduğumuzu bilmenizi isteriz.


TANMODEL Plastik Model Kitleri



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Taiwanese coloured RF-84 in 48th would be pretty tasty..

I'd be going for a French option but those Turkish markings look interesting with the emblem on the nose.

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If Tanmodel are looking for a new project following these then can I suggest this;

The Turkish Aerospace Industries ANKA-A, would go well with other UAV's that are on the market.


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