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1/72 Ilyushin Il-2M3/Tamiya+Eduard


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Good day!

Let me present you my next model. Certainly, Tamiya's model is wonderful, but etched set from Eduard must be using too. As usually, I was riveted the model, made pre- and post shading. Used Tamiya colour set, some copper wires and tubes and navigation lights set from Elf. Exhaust pipes and tires also from Eduard.

This aircraft fought in the 566th Ground Attack Air Regiment of 277th Attack Air Division Frontal Aviation Armed Forces of the USSR. The model shows it as looked in the battles on the Leningrad front in the summer of 1944, when it was flown by the squadron commander Lieutenant VI Myhlik.

Inscriptions on the fuselage - "For the Leningrad" and "Revenge for Khristenko." Khristenko was a pilot Squadron and died in early 1944. V.I.Myhlik, twice Hero of the Soviet Union ended the war with the rank of Captain and continued his service in the Soviet Army.

t_33d1d10579cdba5d66db0755d90d8c26.jpg t_8fde3620e973bf7cc56435606fb15967.jpg t_a26047a23e8cab26e52e634ec72bb4a6.jpg t_44afc3b10264f46692320768551a303c.jpg t_493226c832025cface7981de1119641c.jpg t_c9f2e8ef24b786419fcba2d8ce716366.jpg t_dfe6166c2932512b839e86fdbcf9ab7b.jpg t_851f10ac84857af3bdf14b6552af41a0.jpg t_f90e8ad1d43bf037e0f7f0e85ecb7841.jpg t_f15670fe8e7ad40bdb4a464e3ca64d4d.jpg t_18755852dbf8698a648136366d755b7c.jpg t_c304b0505da853306f11560420eba094.jpg t_916f82bd53a312e6f88d743ff63cd5ca.jpg t_3b587f08491fc9c7866e2e91558cc3d7.jpg
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Great colour and painting, as is the overall presentation.

I'm not sure exactly what is happening on the wing surfaces, as the rivet detail is overpowering the camouflage patterns - distressed metal skin surfaces?



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P.S. What paints did you use?


АМТ-7 XF23:60% + XF2:35% + XF8:5% Light gray-blue

АМТ-1 XF52:5 + XF59:1 Light brown

АМТ-4 XF67:90% + XF4:10% Green

АМТ-6 XF69 Black or Dark gray

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Ah, so you mixed them. That's a pity as I like mine straight out of the bottle. Still, they look great on your Il-2!



I'd like to use straight from the jar, but IMHO, Tamiya practically has no ready paints.

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Wow, incredible build this.

Crazy to think that so many of us in the West knew little about the IL2 even though so many were made and they did so much.

For me, the eye opener was the IL2 simulator that came out years ago, that really turned me round to everything that happened on the Eastern Front, and I have gained a whole new education on that side of WW2 in the last 10 years or so.

Would love to build one of these at some stage in the future.

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