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Revell Seafire 1B

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2 questions if I may, firstly what's the thoughts on the above kit? I recently came home with one

and while its basic and horrible the general shape appears ok. I have a pile of Hasegawa left overs

to help out in the cockpit but is there anything else needed?

I'm guessing the Seafire 1 was based on the VB.

Second question, if I want to convert the Hasegawa bird into the Seafire 3 the grey matters conversion and Seafire wing

should do the trick? I'm not worried to much about the office as I replace it with the Aires set.

Thanking you.

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Seafire Ib was a Spit Vb converted, literally. One thing missed on the ancient kit is the "armpits" underneath the trailing edge region. Otherwise I think the shape is reasonably reasonable, though perhaps (speculative- I'd have to go compare) the wing is a bit pudgy in thickness.

For the Seafire III, what you say is essentially true, but there are a lot of details which may not be handed to you in the conversion. (offhand: 4-blade prop, 6-stack exhausts, sometimes Gyro gunsight, link-type gear legs/doors/well, external stiffeners on fuselage, slinging/catapult points...)

Biggest criticism of the basic Hasegawa kit is flat-sided fuselage around the firewall. (I'm not one to worry much about raised versus recessed panel lines).


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The old Revell Seafire as I recall it has separate bulges to stick on the basic A wing, so the surface detail will most likely not be accurate in the cannon bay region - which is a pity, as the surface detail is (IIRC) actually very good for a kit of its age in execution. Accuracy of the surface detail may be something different, though.

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