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Graf Zeppelin 1/245 Hawk

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I hope this fits the category aircraft. Finally, after 6 months of sacrificed spare time the Zeppelin is ready. It's been quite a journey that was intended to be a quicky, but soon transformed into a half scratch project. The kit is extremely basic and almost toy-like. The fuselage was not altered at all, but most details were scratch built, including the command gondola and stabilizors, flying surfaces et cetera. The main challenge was finding reliable sources for the work and I found about 700 pictures searching the net, but not many close ups.

I will get back later with a more detailed account for those poor soules contemplating building this kit.

And now off to the next BIG KIT, see the last picture wink.gif


1/72 Saturn V by Dragon


/Robert Lundin

Aircraft Walkaround Center


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That's a real joy to look at. I don't think I've ever seen one of these before and the Ju 52 alongside adds life and scale. With all the little touches you've added this was clearly a labour of love. Very well done indeed.



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That is a very impressive piece of modelling!

The interior detail of the engine gondolas, and control cabin is incredible! Especially as its 1/254th scale! :analintruder:

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Thank you all :-) I'll need a good few cans of spinache before the next Zeppelin project, but I'll get there. The WWI LZ1 is one spectacular piece of flying machinery that just needs to be built as a model, but not before I find some decent scaleplans or Tamygawa release a kit of it. Until then, Saturn V needs to get launched!


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Exactly, vinyl. That was something to tackle for sure. Grinding and sanding were out of the question. Luckily the gondoles were more like thick blobs of the stuff so some old fashioned carving and swearing came in handy. Oh, and super glue doesn't work with this material unless prepared with a kind of etching fluid. Neither does paint adhere. But that's called model building and the accomplishment is even more rewarding.

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Shoooooot, /anyone/ can build the curbsider. If you were a real 'expert', you'd do the cutaway...;-]


Astonishingly good work sir. Belongs in my display case. Shipping details to be sent in a separate PM.

I don't suppose anyone knows whether this kit ever got some love from a PE company for the gondola or areas behind the windows or if, perhaps, there is something suitably 'naval' that might be close to in-scale?

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