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Airfix - Last Chance To Buy Collection

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As you may or may not have seen, Airfix are having a sale on different models that are being discontinued.

One that caught my eye in particular was the Double Set of the Spitfire Vb and the Bf109 F4. It's currently on sale for 12 quid, I was wondering if any of you had built this kit before and could tell me if it's worth(?) the money. (For that price most things are probably worth it for the money). But in general, what is the quality like of the two aircraft? Are they newly tooled?

If you haven't seen this sale yet, I highly recommend you chaps take a look, they've got some amazing deals going on.



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The Dogfight double set has older tool kits, but you still get good quality decals.

Personally I would go for the new set they have just released (new tools) which Hattons are selling for £17 or so

ATB Rich

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look down a few posts. You will find a discussion on the new Spitfire and BF-109 dogfight doubles set. That's has the new Vb and the "new" ( from 2010) 109E. The one on sale is the old doubles set with the ( very) old Vb and 109F. Personally I wouldn't pay £12 for it unless you were looking for a cheap "chuck together" project or maybe practice models. Suspect there are plenty of reviews of the older kits on line somewhere which might help you make your mind up. The other sets such as the Helicopter support sets look good value and the old but very nice TR4 is a bit of a bargain too.

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