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ICM 1/48 scale Spit VIII SEAC

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Hi all,
Here are a few pictures of my last completed build. It is the ICM Spit VIII kit, build as a SEAC Spit from the 152 Sq. based in Burma.

I used a Barracuda Studio decal sheet for the markings.
The cockpit was enhanced with a few leftover bits from an Aires resin set, the spinner and propeller blades are from Ultracast. I also riveted the airframe with a riveting wheel.

I added the lovely Austin Tilly kit from Tamiya and two resin figures from Jaguar, painted with Vallejo acrylics. The PSP plates are photo etched things from ExtraTech, weathered with pigments and oil paints. The wooden revetment is done with coffee stirrers.

I hope you will like it,










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Lovely finish on the Spit and great little tableau. The pilot looks a lot like Johnnie Johnson!

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Each element in this diorama is a model in it's own right and in combination makes a spectacular diorama.

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Very nice indeed.

Carefully weathered(no big thick black panel lines)Spit,just dull faded and dirty,

a superbly done Tilly and two very life-like figures.

Absolutely spot-on.

SEAC Spits are not usually my bag,but well done cger,I love it.

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Thats a fantastic diorama with a beautiful Spitfire and outstanding figures,......the Tilly is great too but it looks a bit out of place to me? It is brilliant though,......very nice indeed,



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Fantastic Spitfire , those ICM kits do build up well with a little care , superbly finished , but ditch the Tilly, The RAF did not use Austins and RAF vehicles in combat zones would not be Blue-Grey, but rather would be camouflaged.


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