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A-36A Apache and Mustang Collection

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Hi Everyone,

Finished this a day or two ago, but been waiting for some sun to take some pic`s

Italeris boxing of Accurate Minatures 1/48 A-36A Apache


Completed to represent an aircraft of 328th FS, 311th FB, 10th Air Force, USAAF, CBI theatre


Flown by Lt. William Creech, Burma 1944. Built almost completely OOB, with a few wire embellishments, seat belts and thinned the prop a bit.


Also thought I might as well show you some of my previous Mustang builds....


Tamiya 1/48, P-51B with aftermarket decals, CBI Theatre


Tamiya 1/48th, P-51D, CBI theatre


Also with aftermarket decals and rocket launchers (Academy I think) from the spares box


Hasegawa 1/48th, P-51D with prop from the spares box to represent a `K`


In the markings of a Pacific bird


Hope you enjoy looking at, Happy modelling..

Cheers Russ

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Your A-36 is simply stunning! Come to think of it, so are the other P-51s.

But the A-36 has a special charm, and it is always a pleasure to see it in model form.



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