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The Mighty Vulcan Decals 1:72

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The Mighty Vulcan Decals
1:72 Fündekals


This large decal set from Fündekals allows you to build (and decal of course!) virtually any Vulcan, with variations on insignia for different periods for those that want to model a particular airframe at a certain point in its life. The sheet is split between two sheets. The first covers national insignia, codes and squadron crests, and any peculiarities such as the anti-flash white stencils in pale blue and pink, while the second smaller sheet holds all the stencils for the camouflaged aircraft in impressive detail. It also covers the dielectric panels that are dotted around the airframe, and there are quite a few there. Packaging is simple, and consists of a close-fitting polythene bag, but the decals are posted in a suitably robust outer shipping envelope to prevent damage to the precious contents.

The decals are very nicely printed with good register, colour density and sharpness, which means that all the stencils are legible if your eyes or magnification are good enough. I'm struggling today though, as my angle-poise lamp has konked out!


The instructions are available as PDF format here, with 24+ airframes in profile, plus further pages detailing the stencilling and plenty of written detail to help you make the right choices whilst building and decaling your tin-triangle. The instructions even cover the engine types and fitment of Blue Steel and ECM plate configurations, which is all very important if you're going to get it right. The last page includes a markings-centred potted history, plus notes on the 24 airframes profiled to assist you with your build.

Not only are the decals beautifully designed and printed, but I suspect this is one of the most detailed and helpful instruction booklets that I have seen for a decal sheet. Running to fifteen pages in total, you'll learn something just by reading it, and the price of the decals has been kept to a very reasonable $15 by providing digital instructions – don't forget to add postage to your country to that though.

Highly recommended.


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Sorry for the bump but does anyone know if these are likely to be reissued or where a set could be sourced? The store for the link above suggests they’re out of production.

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