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Hi everybody,

I found out about them while looking for information about the quite ill fated Sólyom Airways (the one trying to step in after Malev’s demise).

This is a pretty new outfit from Hungary, run by a couple of enthusiasts who design 1/144 scale decal sheets for ‘not your quite ordinary airline’. The quote marks are my doing simply because looking at their continuously expanding product list one can discover quite a range of low-cost and other exotic airlines from across the globe, many of which aren’t covered by other manufacturers.


The decals are inkjet-printed [nicely too] and require a couple of coats of your preferred lacquer or – as the manufacturer recommends – a single coat of Microscale Decal Film before being put them into water and then onto your scale model. They are also compatible with Microsol and Microset should you find their usage necessary. An interesting aspect in my opinion is the way they design their sheets with logos being separated from the window decals. That way you have the choice to use window decals on your model or go straight for [own made, Kristal Klear] clear windows, something that other manufacturers’ sheets won’t always allow you to do.






Wombats doesn’t have a proper webpage/ web shop yet but is reachable on a number of other platforms (wombatsmodels@gmail.com amongst others). Should you try to get in touch with them, please bear in mind that this is mainly a hobby for the guys over there and they tend to all matters related as their spare time allows. Based on my personal experience, I would say you should not think the worst before perhaps a weekend has passed between your enquiry and the lack of a reply. Seriously though, Jozsef is very nice to deal with, speaks (writes) perfect English and will gladly try to help you out. He accepts PayPal and will make sure your decals are properly packed. Also, he is quite open to suggestions and ideas as Wombats is looking to expand their product range.

With most of their current offering addressed to the Classic 737 and to a couple of A320s, Wombats says to be working on some sheets covering the BAe 146, Fokker 100 and Boeing 757.

And I have just spotted it as I wrote this: what about that humongous A380 in that colourfull Fifa World Cup livery (Emirates A6-EEQ)???



(…not in any way associated with Wombats Models, just drooling over a couple of their freshly, this morning by post delivered sheets) :wub:



This should explain the amount of Blue Air sheets I ordered :king:


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Some nice stuff there but a few years ago F-DCAL decided to go down the Inkjet route and let's just say they quickly went back to laser printing. I bought couple of their inkjet sheets and despite following the instructions to the letter it was a disaster. Based on that experience I won't be spending money on anything which requires "a couple of coats of your preferred lacquer ... or a single coat of Microscale Decal Film" before I use it. Maybe it's just me but I have this strange idea that a product on which I spend good money should be ready to use when I receive it.

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I can relate to your experience regarding the F-Dcal stuff. It was equally for me a sizable amount of money thrown out the window (note: I have ordered again from F-Dcal, so this is nothing to say against its business :thumbsup2: ).

Wombats says the lack of coating should "prevent the decal from yellowing if stored away for too long a time before using". They may have a point there!(?). About the "good money" part, I don't know. At about 5 Pounds a sheet and speaking strictly of subjects you can really relate to (and not just bought to thicken the stash), I suppose one could give it a go.

But I may be subjective since my search for Blue Air decals was going on for several years at the time of this find and I really couldn't care less if the sheets were coated or not. I had invested two Pounds in a bottle of decal film a couple of years ago anyway :rambo:

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