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Academy 1/48 F-86F Spanish AF

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A group build that I think I can hopefully achieve a completion on in time! I have the Academy F-86 in both 1/72 and 1/48 and have plumped for the 1/48 scale machine. I am planning to build a collection of Spanish AF aircraft and this will be my first one, although I have a couple of civil war aircraft on the go. LF Decals purchased to go with the Aademy kit, which will be OOB. I also plan on using Alclad for the first time - so here we go! Some obligatory pics to kick off with.


Box art - possibly seen a few times before!





Pilot x 2!


Decals - yellow looks a tad lemon coloured


Basic reference book which may be of some help - or not!

Not many pics on the net of Spanish AF machines.

Anyway looking forward to my first 1/48 jet fighter

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