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Recently completed this one.

If you ignore the thickness of the schurzen, moulded on tools and some heavy details I think these models make a nice change. Construction is quick, as you'd expect with kits designed for the wargame market but for me they provide a good excuse to practice some painting.

The figures are Valiant Miniatures late war German infantry and although they are a little larger that 1/72 they don't look too out of scale, particularly when not mixed with other manufacturers' figures.

Had some silvering with the Skytrex decals used for the turret numbers but this one was for practice.




Thanks for looking!

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Nice work, especially in such a small scale. How did you do the wheat field?


Glad you like it. The wheat is a Gaugemaster product. It comes as a mat and in a range of colours. Have a look at my other topics, there are some photos of the other colour I have.


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