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Douglas A2D-3 Skyshark Close-air Support - RAAF Vietnam 1967 - Painted

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As if I didn't have enough to do I've decided to do a quick.......sort of, project.


This one has been on my mind since I saw a picture of another one in a similar scheme. But for mine it will be done as a RAAF close-air support version.


The model is actually quite a simple one and for the most part everything is clean and quite well moulded. The fuselage isn’t warped though there were some minor issues with the tail, some filler and plastic plus elbow grease sorted that out quickly.



The wings were ok apart from some bubbles in the tips and the inner leading edge has some moulding issues.

Everything else just needed a cleanup....though the ejector seat is for the bin...way too small and dodgy!


All the main bits go together quickly and will need only just a wee bit of filler. The cockpit interior is pretty much hidden once the canopy is on so I won’t be spending too much time on that!



As much as I said it will be a simple quick build I am thinking of a couple of modes, have found a avionics “hump” from a Skyhawk and am thinking of modifying to fit. Late series avionics upgrade?? Plus the canopy I don’t like much, so any wondering if I can graft something else on?? Plus lots a weapons as well, these things had/were planned to have up 24 weapons stations/pylons!!!!!


Anyway will see how the build progresses before I go too far.

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Looking forward to this, the skyshark is one of my favourite aircraft never to see service (and the Anigrand kit is very good indeed).

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Ok as mentioned in other posts I'm away/have been away out bush again so haven't had much change to update this build. ......am away in the middle of nowhere again!!!

Well everything has gone together nicely and I have given it a quick undercoat to find any issues, which I can say luckily there weren’t any.



I wasn’t happy with the look of the canopy of the prototype and like the “Skyraider” one the other person used. So a quick trip to the spare box and I found something quite suitable from an old P-47 Thunderbolt!

So out with the plasti-card and filler.


Think it looks much better now, so just need to tidy everything up. I don’t think i’ll fit the ”A-4” hump to the fuselage, but there maybe some other bits added.




I’ve found some weapons to full the 20+ pylons this beast was planned to have!!! I may not fit that many but she will be fully loaded for ground support, plus I found some RAAF decals

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Looks like a Wyvern and a Skyraider got drunk and had a one night stand ;)

you're probably right there........mixing AvGas and AvTur...definitely a wing opener!! ;)

ok just a wee update on this one, not much work has been done due to other projects. But in between time I have done little bit and pieces.

Most of it has been trying to clean up dodgy panels lines.....

Plus I have done a bit on the cockpit as I need to close it up to finish up the work on the new canopy.



Just a little bit more to go here and she's done.

Once that’s done then there’s really just the painting to do so it should be pretty quick to finish.

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What stress?!?! I thought modelling was for relaxation???? LOL


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Please keep this one going.

I have also thought about this kit and marking it like the pic you included in the original post but still need to play with the resin I have before buying some new ones.

Then again, I do have a 72nd CF-100 to do in US SEA markings (black undersides).

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Ok I have been very slack with this one, sort of got bored with it plus being away with work so much it got put to one side.

But with the change in work patterns, the Tropic Moon build (he needs someone to keep him company), plus the kick up the bum!

So have done quite a bit of work since the last update in.......October 14!!

The cockpit is all finished and closed up. The canopy has been finally blended in and looks quite nice now in profile. Made up a whole pile of stores pylons, have a couple of more to do for the fuselage, not sure whether to have a single centre one or a pair off-centre? I actually dropped off two pylons form the wings as it would have been too crowded for the stores I plan.


Plus finally lots and lots of tiding up here and there plus an undercoat or three.


Now she is pretty much ready for painting, she''l be in standard USAF SEA TAC colours, Dk. Green/Med. Green/ Tan on top and Lt. Grey underneath. I'll be using acrylics for this, as test run basically for the B-51!

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Ok just a wee update so as it's not to be thought I have forgotten about this build.

Didn't have much modelling time this week, so not much done on this one.

The props were re-paint flat black and look quite good.

So first up some pre-shading of the panel lines.


Next to paint and started to paint the undersurfaces with Life Color Lt Grey. I had a bit of trouble with my big airbrush and the paint so it went on very unevenly! But this being Life Color paint is did eventually smooth out quite nicely. Sill reckon it needs another light coat. Was hoping to get a coat of Tan on the upper surfaces but just not enough time.


This will be done completely in acrylics, sort of a practice for the big Tropic Moon beast!

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just a quick update on what's happening to this build.

She is now painted in SEA Tactical colour scheme (grey undersurfaces) and looks really nice. All the touch-ups are done so she'll have a coat of clear then I'll do the panel lines and minor weathering.

I must say she does look rather nice now, this was a sort of test run for the B-51G. Still not sure if I'll use acrylics or enamels for that one...it's not as though I'll be loosing any surface details if the enamel paint goes on a wee bit too thick!!!

Sorry about no photos...ran out of time for that.

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well I'm pleased to say I have finished painting this beasty as well as doing all the decals!

I seem to having a bit of a spring clean out of old projects...that and I only have one day now to spend on models due to new temporary work schedule. This makes it hard to settle down on the big projects so it means I acn finish all those small ones I've had going for ages!

Well I finished all the painting last week and even managed to get a clear coat on as well. I was using acrylics as usual, hence the quick paint job. They didn't go on too bad at all and only some minor touch-ups were required.



So yesterday and today were spent adding a few bits and pieces, doing the panels lines as well as doing the decals. She looking really cool and I'm really happy with the look as well, she just needs a flat clear coat and the masks can then come off.




I have been looking at the stores I'll fit, she'll be a real bomb lugger with some rockets to add a bit of extra bang.

The end is actually very close for this one, she'll look great beside the Panther!

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