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*FINISHED*Pit Road GWH Vulcan B2 Corrections Wraparound scheme XL444.

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Nicely done Rob, she's a beaut!


Cheers Dave ;)

That's the worst looking Gloster Javelin I have seen for ages! Looks just like a Vulcan!


(Off to the opticians tomorrow for his eye test!)

HAHAHA Very funny Selwn I like your style.

Cheers Rob :)

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Yep and responded........large supply of underpants and pencils in the post....

Don't let the memsahib hear this for Gawds sake......she'll prefer to combine the terms for it.............psychotic ! :hobbyhorse:

Ah well Nowt in my inbox unless mean the last you sent I have replied since then, No worries I won't mention it !


Rob ;)

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